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I'm Jae, nice to meet you. Nail art changed my life.

No, really! In 2012 I quickly got lost in the nail art and indie polish world when I realised painting my nails was the perfect medicine for my once crippling anxiety disorder. Nail art taught me the value of self care, and that focussing on something I love can change your outlook on life.

So now I blog about nail art, nail polish, and beauty because I believe self expression through personal style is empowering, important, and necessary!

When I'm not painting my nails you can find me stuck in front of Netflix while reading a plethora of nail, beauty and body positive blogs, or maybe out eating something delicious. I love hanging with my husband and dog in my down time, and when my nails are dry I get crafty - cross stitch and crochet are my poison of choice.

I am obsessed with RuPaul's Drag Race, get a kick out of horror movies, and since realising listening to podcasts is easier than watching TV when doing your nails have become addicted to Harmontown.

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