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Emily de Molly - July 2018

Hi polish pals!

Emily de Molly have yet another gorgeous collection to tempt you this month and I've got you covered for swatches! There's a stunning magnetic, two brilliant thermals, flakes galore and overall a stunning colour palette to make your bank accounts groan in anticipation. Let's check them out!

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Dormant Fractures

Stunning dark purple holo with a magnetic copper shimmer. The copper shimmer gives a gorgeous warm tone to the finish, and looks gorgeous whether you choose to use a magnet or not - the last image in the gallery shows the standard finish. 

This beauty is SO incredibly opaque - I'd say it's a one coater, but I did two just to make it a little richer. Gorgeous formula with a smooth finish, and easy to manipulate with a magnet - just be sure to work quickly, and use the magnet again after adding top coat. 

Evening Mist

Pale greyed taupe with an incredible turquoise shimmer. A real ethereal beauty. I don't have much to say about this other than profess my love for it - it's definitely one that must be worn to appreciate the beauty, and is a must for shimmer lovers.

The formula is on the thin side, but still easy to apply without flooding. the finish is super smooth, but I recommend a light hand to avoid the appearance of brush strokes in the shimmer. It's opaque in three thin coats.

Made of Emotion

Bright fuchsia holo with an intense blue-purple shifting shimmer. It is SPARKLY AF and just obnoxiously glowy, therefore I love it. 

The formula for this one is also on the thin side, but again no issues. It dries down perfectly smooth, and it's just two coats for all this intense brightness and total opacity.

More or Less

A light denim blue (warm) to murky dark olive green (cold) thermal with vivid gold shimmer and silver holo micro glitters. It's a slightly odd pairing, but odd is what I'm here for. I love both states, they're both slightly dusty and murky while the gold shimmer gives a cool aged kind of vibe.

Beautiful formula, easy to apply and self levels well. No real bumps from the glitter either, though I still used a thicker top coat to be sure of smoothness. It's opaque in two thin coats in the cold state but did a third to make sure it was solid in the warm state. The transition was easy to see and it shifted readily as I warmed/cooled. 

Perfect Moments

Another thermal, this one a light to bright blurple with a coppery red shimmer. Every time I look at this I change my mind on whether I think it's blue or purple! The warm state definitely gives me more of a desaturated purple vibe, while the cold state I feel is more of a royal blue that leans purple due to the redness in the shimmer. It's beautiful however you want to describe it. 

This was an absolute dream to apply, such a smooth and effortless formula. It appeared opaque in two coats in the cold state but definitely needs a third to be completely opaque in the warm state. It dries with a slightly satin finish so use a glossy top coat to bring out the shine.

Rise Above the Flames

Dark coppery brown jelly loaded with some kind of magical shifting gold shimmer and holo micro glitters. It appears a smoky purplish red at extreme angles, seen mostly around the edges of the nail. I live for shades like this! Rich, warm and stunning.

The formula is fantastic, the glitters spread easily across the nail with no dragging or clumping. It self levels readily, though as with anything containing glitter I used a thick top coat to ensure a smooth finish. It's fully opaque in two thin coats.

The Grey Silence

Stormy grey crelly with subtle copper shimmer, silver holo micro glitter and iridescent flakes. I feel like across the last few collections there has been a little family growing of these gorgeous iridescent flake polishes - Prismatic Mode from March, Dreams of Glass from April, even Winter's Gate from the last release. I'm on board for even more as they're inevitably among my favourites from each collection. This one might be my new favourite though!

This has a fantastic formula, with some kind of self levelling magic. The flakes all spread across the nail perfectly. It will need a thicker top coat for a perfectly smooth finish as some of the larger flakes may stick up at the corners, but the majority are small enough to lay flat. It's opaque in three thin coats.

Time Will Tell

Turquoise blue crelly with copper shimmer and flakes and silver holo micro glitters. A beautiful and refined version of a classic glitter crelly. The gold flakes and shimmer set off against the base colour perfectly, reminiscent of a piece of turquoise stone.

It's lovely to apply, glitters spread across the nail easily and the finish is smoother than I expected it would be. It does need a thick top coat to keep that smoothness once it's dry. Perfectly opaque in three thin coats.

All 8 of these shades, plus 4 new limited edition shades will be available:

Tuesday the 10th of July at 10am AEST (Australian site) www.emilydemolly.com.au
Monday the 9th of July at 8pm EDT (USA and international site) www.emilydemolly.com

Evening Mist
More or Less
Rise Above the Flames
The Grey Silence
Time Will Tell

Disclosure: *Products in this post were provided as press samples, which in no way affected my opinion of the product.

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