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Mckfresh Nail Attire 5th Mckiversary Collection

Hi lovelies!

Last month Mckfresh Nail Attire celebrated their 5th year of glitter and colour and have released 5 special limited edition shades to celebrate! If you love flakes, glitter and colour changing polish - keep reading!

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Gossamer Hurricane

Soft baby blue crelly with iridescent flakes, glass fleck and a delicate scattered holo. It's dreamy and ethereal, shifting flakes softly twinkle pink and blue and green as the scattered holo drifts across the sea of pastel.

Really lovely formula, smooth application and nicely opaque in three thin coats. The flakes lay effortlessly flat, though I still recommend a thick glossy top coat for a perfect finish.

Grass is Greener

Tri-phase green thermal, that shifts from a bright lemon-lime when warm, to bright traffic light green when cold and blackened forest green when icy cold. It's also full of gorgeous golden shimmer and iridescent micro flakes. Such an incredible colour, I'm absolutely in love! I'm still in awe at the shift from pale lime to almost black.

Gorgeous formula that applies super smoothly and easily. It was a touch too sheer for me at three thin coats in the warm state, so my swatches show four thin coats. You may be fine with three if you use medium/thick coats, or if you have cold hands - I don't doubt it would be completely opaque in the darker states with fewer coats.  Dries down with a slight satin sheen but it comes back to life with a glossy top coat.

Queen in Waiting

Creamy and pale taupey/mushroom creme with gold and platinum flakes. It's so hard to truly say what colour the base is as the flakes can throw more grey or golden tones depending on your lighting - she's a little deceptive! I always adore these kind of neutral toned shades and I love the speckled look the platinum flakes add.

Great formula - super smooth and buttery to apply and it self levels like a dream. I did three thin coats for solid opacity. It dries down beautifully smooth with just a hint of a satin finish - any glossy top coat will do to revive it, or double down and give it a matte top coat, I think it would look stunning matte. Dammit, why didn't I try it matte?!

Secret Handshake

Teal/black thermal crelly - medium teal when warm, perfectly black when cold. Filled with hex and square glitters, iridescent flakes and a gentle dusting of shimmer. This is one of the better thermals I've tried for my warm hands - I had permanent black free edge and the shift would come and go even if I got just a little chilly. I actually had to use a hairdryer to get it fully in the warm state, which I've only ever done twice with a thermal polish! 

Beautiful glitter packed formula, easy to apply with a great even finish. The glitters don't drag or clump and they lay surprisingly flat. I used three thin coats but with thicker coats you could easily get away with two, though it does appear sheerer in the warm state. Use a good thick top coat with this as the glitter will give some slight bumps as it dries.

Sunset Jam

Bright sky blue crelly filled with iridescent flakes and a glowy gold shimmer that is both thermal and uv reactive! It starts at blue in the warm state, and shifts various shades of purple when exposed to lower temperatures and/or sunlight. When cold it shifts to a soft heather shade indoors, and outdoors it takes on a bold boysenberry tone. When warm and exposed to sunlight it hits a bright violet shade. So many colours in one polish!!

The formula is great, easy to apply and self levels well. It's loaded with flakes which lay flat and don't drag or clump, though some of the bigger flakes may stick up a little at the corners. It's opaque in 3 thin coats. Use a good thick top coat with this to smooth out the larger flakes.

All of these shades are available from Mckfresh right now - check them out at mckfresh.shop!

Grass is Greener
Queen in Waiting
Secret Handshake

Disclosure: *Products in this post were provided as press samples, which in no way affected my opinion of the product.

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