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Polish Pickup - May 2018 - Celestial, Emily de Molly, Grace-full & Mckfresh

Hi polished pals!

Today I've got a chunk of the Aussie contributions to the next Polish Pickup, with four limited edition shades from Celestial Cosmetics, Emily de Molly, Grace-full Nail Polish and Mckfresh Nail Attire. So if the obnoxious graphic below didn't give it away immediately, May's Polish Pickup will be 1990s themed! I was an 80s baby and a 90s kid so I'm loving the giant trip down memory lane this month is gonna be!

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Celestial Cosmetics - My Butterfly Clips Bring All The Boys To The Yard

A delicate light purple linear holo with a subtle blue shimmer. Inspired by everyone's favourite hair accessory, butterfly clips! This polish has nailed the inspiration perfectly. I was a bit ambivalent to see a purple holo but I like the way the blue shimmer gives it an air of translucence, and the colour isn't drowned out by the holo at all. This one really surprised me!

It's got a beautiful formula, sheer on the first coat but builds up in perfect even coats to full opacity by the third coat. Gorgeously smooth to apply.

Capped at 130 bottles.

Emily de Molly - A Piece of You

A blue/purple holo with gold shimmer and silver holo micro glitter. Inspired by one the the best albums of the 90s - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness by The Smashing Pumpkins. It was one of the first albums I owned on CD - I remember getting it for Christmas in 1996 and listening to it obsessively.  

My lighting washed out the gold shimmer but it's probably my favourite element of the polish, it's like a super subtle gold overlay that pops wherever the light hits it.

The formula is heavenly and beautifully pigmented. I used two thin coats for my swatches and it was perfectly opaque, and it applies and dries smooth as butter. The glitters spread well and don't clump or drag, and they sit quite flat. I used a thick top coat for a super glossy finish and to be extra sure the finish stays smooth once totally dry.

No cap for this one!

Grace-full Nail Polish - Message in a Model

Deep and vampy plum jelly filled with multichrome flakes, holo micro flakes and holo micro glitter. Inspired by the supermodels of the 90s, namely the iconic Naomi Campbell. Depending on the lighting it may appear redder or a more true deep purple - I think the shifting flakes play tricks with your brain!

It's a beautiful formula and glides on the nail effortlessly. It's super pigmented, needing just two coats for a rich and opaque finish. The flakes lay perfectly flat on the nail and give the finish a beautiful depth, and it dries down surprisingly smooth. I would still recommend a thicker top coat for a perfect and glassy smooth finish.

Capped at 130 bottles.

Mckfresh Nail Attire - Oh Rexy, You're So Sexy

Tri-phase thermal glitter crelly that's pink when warm, purple when cold and black when icy cold. Full of all kinds of glitter - blue dots, small pink and blue hexes, fuchsia microglitter and probably more tbh! Inspired by Rex Manning, the sexy/repulsive legend from one of my favourite 90s movies, Empire Records. 

It's an absolute glitter bomb, and the mix of glitters works perfectly with every state of the thermal shift. As a permanently warm handed person this sits pink on me with purple easily showing at the free edge. In my mega cold office I noticed it was more purple, but I didn't see the black shift without some icy assistance. 

I applied this like I would any other glitter bomb - a weird mix of dabbing and gently brushing on. Even though there's loads of glitter the base flows easily and nothing clumps or drags. Everything lays nice and flat without much effort, though it does require a decent lashing of thick top coat to smooth it all out. I did three coats for a good and solid opacity.

Capped at 130 bottles.

So... What is the Polish Pickup?

Polish Pickup is a themed monthly polish (and more!) shopping event, with dozens of brands participating to release a one time, super limited shade inspired by the monthly theme which is voted on by you - indie polish lovers and buyers!

Most polishes are capped - there will be:

130 bottles of Celestial Cosmetics - My Butterfly Clips Bring The Boys To The Yard
130 bottles of Grace-full - Message in a Model
130 bottles of Mckfresh - Oh Rexy, You're So Sexy!
No cap on Emily de Molly - A Piece of You

The 1990s inspired goodies will be available from May 4th at 11am ET through May 7th at 11:59pm ET. For my Australian readers. that's around 1am AEST on May 5th, to 2pm AEST May 8th. Shipping is available to most of the world!

These limited edition shades are only available from PolishPickup.com

Disclosure: *Products in this post were provided as press samples, which in no way affected my opinion of the product

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