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Mckfresh Nail Attire - Sparkle Sparkle 2.0

Hi lovelies!

The glitter lab at Mckfresh HQ has been running non-stop since they returned from hiatus late last year - revamps, new collections, limited edition runs and a fancy new online store. This month sees two more new collections including this massive update to the Sparkle Sparkle collection of glitter bombs. There are 11 new shades to get into so let's do it!

Given it's a massive collection of very similar polishes I won't be commenting on the individual formulas. They are all clear based glitter bombs, requiring 3 coats for opacity, or one coat as a dense glitter topper. I applied these all with the brush but you can sponge on for a more opaque look. They would make excellent nail art glitters as they're pretty packed with glitter. All dry with a little texture, so use a good glitter top coat if you want a smooth finish.

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A Star is Born-ite

A combination of various sized metallic and holo blue, pink, green and purple micro glitters with a splash of blue shimmer. Inspired by Bornite, also known as Peacock Ore, it's a gorgeous mermaid shade that makes me think of tropical beaches.

Azu-rite or Are You Wrong?

Multi-sized blue & green micro-glitters, reminiscent of the mineral Azurite. Another one with a tropical feel, I'm dreaming of a private lagoon and fruity cocktails with this one! Great punch of colour, and whoever said blue and green should never be seen (unless there's something in between) was so very wrong.

Crushing Jasper Marbles

A mix of cinnamon, copper, deep brown & orange rust coloured glitters in various mini/micro sizes. Inspired by Brown Jasper or ‘Egyptian Marble’. A perfect autumn shade and one of the stand outs of the collection for me, it's warm and glowing and sparkly and wonderful.

Gembones Gembones Dem, Gembones

Black, silver, red and garnet glitters in a mix of micro sizes come together in this dark sparkler. Inspired by one of the colour palettes found amongst Gembone, otherwise known as fossilised dinosaur bone! I had no idea this was a thing that existed and suddenly I need a pair of Gembone earrings and maybe a ring? 

How-lite & Bright

Bright pink and royal blue micro-glitters in a mix of sizes. The complementary colours pull like a range of purple shades from a distance. This one is based on dyed Howlite - a usually white mineral. This one was the patchiest of the bunch when I swatched it so Kate has advised she would be reformulating with some more glitter.

Let's Go Fly Una-kite

Several shades and sizes of pink and green microglitters, super metallic and reflective ones in there! This is based on the unique colouring of Unakite Jasper. It feels really festive, like a feminine twist on traditional Christmas colours.

Lover's Tryst-ine

Bold purple and gold mixed with lavender microglitters and a splash of holo glitter. I love the big bold contrasting colours. This one was inspired by the quartz-based combination of amethyst and citrine, known as Trystine. I think I like the colours in the polish better than the actual stone - I love how bright and sparkly this is!

Makin' Green-stone

Green, black and silver microglitters in a mix of sizes, inspired by New Zealand Greenstone. I kinda hate Greenstone jewellery but I'm super into this polish! I like the black glitters dirtying it up a little while the silver glitters reflect loads of sparkle at you. Plus I adore these kind of mid-tone grassy greens in anything.

Morga-nite of Your Life

A mix of rose pink and rose gold micro glitters in various sizes giving you the ultimate pink sparkler. Inspired by the semi-precious mineral Morganite it's a super pretty and girly polish, which means it's not for me at all. It has one of the nicest finishes in the collection so pink lovers, have at this one!

Opal Fires Blaze

Ruby reds and burnt orange micro glitters in a range of sizes make up this blazing beauty. The inspiration was taken from the warm tones seen in Fire Opals, a gorgeous warm hued stone. I love the blend of colour in this, so fiery and rich.

Rose Courts Amber

A complex combination of rose pink, copper & charcoal glitters in a mix of sizes, taking inspiration from Rose Quartz with a touch of Amber.  I love the addition of charcoal glitters, it brings a beautiful balance to the overall look that might have skewed a little too frilly for me without it. As it is I think it's one of the standouts of the collection, a unique blend of colour that really looks like an uncut gemstone.

All 11 shades from the Sparkle Sparkle 2.0 collection are available now from mckfresh.shop for $11.50 each. 

Crushing Jasper Marbles
Lover's Tryst-ine
Opal Fires Blaze
Rose Courts Amber

Disclosure: *Products in this post were provided as press samples, which in no way affected my opinion of the product

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