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Emily de Molly - April 2018

Hi lovelies!

I've got April's collection from Emily de Molly for you today, and if you're a fan of the violet end of the colour spectrum this collection is definitely going to hit the mark! You'll find purple flakes, blue thermals and a magnetic maroon to tempt you this month and there's bound to be a shade or three for you to love in here - let's get into it!

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Collector of Maps

A shifting foiled peacock blue shimmer with silver and blue micro glitters. It gives off subtle purple and aqua tones at different angles. It's a stunning bold colour and the shift was hard to capture well as it's quite natural. The glitters are a mix of metallic blue and silver holo so you'll find little sparkles among the shimmer.

The formula is beautiful with a surprisingly smooth finish. The glitters lay perfectly flat and spread easily and evenly. It's gorgeously pigmented, opaque in two thin coats. Use a thicker top coat with this to ensure a perfect glassy finish. 

Distance to the Sun

Greyed denim and copper thermal with silver holo micro glitters and a massive copper shimmer that perfectly bridges both states. It's so hard to accurately describe the colours in this - when warm it's a kind of murky greyed lavender that is totally transformed by the copper shimmer to have a slighter reddish appearance. When cold, it's a gorgeous faded denim with strong grey undertones. 

Without a doubt my favourite thermal EVER. Both states are flippin' gorgeous, and the shift is blended to perfection by the copper shimmer. I'm rarely in this much awe at a thermal - usually I'm only ever really in love with the cold state that I rarely get to enjoy on my warm hands, but this one is flawless in both states.

Formula wise it's a beauty, a dream to apply with a smooth finish. It was just on the edge of fully opaque at two thin coats so I've done three, but you might find two coats is perfect if you do medium/thick coats. I used a thick top coat for a super smooth finish.    

Double Take

Perfect morning sky blue to bright ultraviolet thermal with an icy shimmer that lights up the nail. This one just looks alive! Both states are intensely bold and the thermal shift is fantastic - it's fairly sensitive to cold and I was able to see the cold state at the tips of my nails quite easily which is unusual for me. 

The formula is slightly thick, though it's easy to work with a self levels well. It naturally lends itself to medium coats, so my swatches show two medium coats, which were perfectly opaque. It's dries down super smooth but with a slight satin finish. Any glossy top coat will suit! 

Dreams of Glass

A greyed/desaturated lilac crelly full of iridescent orange flakes with an icy blue shimmer and a sprinkle of silver holo microglitter. It is nothing short of perfection. The finish reminds me of mylar flakes encapsulated in acrylic - there's a gorgeous translucent quality to it while still managing to be opaque. Gotta be the surprise favourite of the collection for me!

The formula is beautiful to work with, even with all those flakes. It self levels like absolute magic, and the pigmentation is perfection. It's opaque in just two coats and I still don't even understand how! Use a thicker top coat with this for a glassy smooth finish.

Expelled From Paradise

A pale lilac with forest green flakes, and electric lime shimmer and subtle scattered silver holo micro glitters. It's a unique spin on the common match of purple and green and the contrast of the dirty flakes and crackling shimmer is super cool. 

There's a slight dryness to the formula of this one that meant I had to use thicker coats than I normally do, though with a generous amount of polish on the brush it does apply easily. I've done two medium coats. The flakes spread well and lay flat, with maybe a tiny corner or two of the larger flakes peeking up above the surface. They're easily smoothed out by a nice thick top coat.

Glimpses of Twilight

Deep purple jelly with an intense turquoise shimmer, metallic copper flakes and holo copper micro glitter. This is a really cool and deceptive polish - you can see hints of the purple around the edges but it's really all about the shimmer and flakes. The shimmer is duller in lower light so you'll see more of the purple peeking through the turquoise sheen. It has a kind of tarnished metal look that really appeals to me, though I think I'd prefer it without the holo glitters?

Formula is great and easy to work with and the flakes lay nice and flat without any effort. The flakes and glitters spread well and it self levels nicely. It's beautifully pigmented and opaque in two thin coats. Go for a thicker top coat to ensure the flakes and glitters are smoothed out to perfection.

Magnetic Fields

Deep burgundy jelly with a pink/orange magnetic metallic shimmer and gold flakes. This is my first magnetic polish and I'm very into it! It's like a shortcut to an awesome galaxy on your nails, though it took me a couple attempts to really get it right.

I used a small flat bar magnet diagonally across the nail after my second coat and held it just above my nail for about 20 seconds. You need to work reasonably fast (and one nail at a time) to get the most dramatic results and you definitely need to repeat the magnet after you apply top coat, as your top coat will re-wet the top layer of polish and cause the magnetic particles to slightly spread again. It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure that one out on my own! 

The formula is gorgeous, effortlessly smooth and beautiful to apply and self levels well. It's incredibly pigmented and practically a one coater, but I've done two in my swatches.  The magnet process doesn't affect the smooth finish at all and the flakes lay perfectly flat. Any glossy top coat will be fine for this one.

Teller of Tales

Vivid purple jelly with iridescent flakes, copper holo micro glitter and a reddish copper shimmer. There's something about this that feels futuristic - almost Tron-esque. I love the pops of fiery shimmer that fill the space between the electric shifty flakes. It's really the perfect blend of elements for me, I never expected to be so in love with this until I put it on!

It's got a winning formula, remarkably easy to work with despite all those big flakes! They lay flat with minimal effort and they spread easily without dragging. It's super opaque as well, I only needed two medium coats for the perfect finish. I'd recommend a nice thick top coat with this for a glassy finish. 

All 8 of the April 2018 shades, plus 4 new Limited Edition colours, will be available on:

10am AEST Monday 23rd April  for Aussies at www.emilydemolly.com.au
8pm EDT Sunday 22nd April on the US/International site www.emilydemolly.com

Distance to the Sun
Dreams of Glass
Magnetic Fields
Teller of Tales

Disclosure: *Products in this post were provided as press samples, which in no way affected my opinion of the product.

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