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Grace-full Nail Polish - Illusions Collection

Hi polish pals!

Grace-full Nail Polish are bringing us the shimmer this month with a collection of shifty, shimmery, transforming polishes with plenty of sparkle and colour.  Let's check them out!

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Dusty light turquoise holo with a bold purple shift. The shimmer was more prominent than the holo for me, which is always something I'm on board with. I'd say it's a gentle linear holo than can appear scattered at times due to the shimmer. However you want to describe it, it's beautiful.

The formula is sensational - buttery and smooth, self levels like a dream. It's super pigmented too, almost opaque in one coat and utterly perfect in two coats. 


Light blue scattered holo with a golden sheen, micro pearlescent flakes and micro gold glitter. This is a real shifty one, the gold shimmer makes it appear anywhere from a light sky blue to warm pale turquoise.

The formula is thinner, but it's that great kind of well pigmented and easy to apply thin. It applies nice and evenly with no balding or patchiness. I was surprised to find it totally opaque in just two coats, always a win with light shades like this.


A holo thermal that shifts from a taupey pink when warm to a gorgeous mushroom grey when cold. I'd love a polish that were just the cold state of this one, I'm far too warm blooded to see the cold state very easily. I noticed my top coat really dulled the holo, so choose your top coat wisely with this.

The formula is smooth and creamy, with great pigmentation. It's a dream to apply needing just 2 coats for perfect opacity.


Lavender scattered holo with a pearlescent silver sheen. Lovely balance of bold and soft colour with the delicate sheen of silver.

The finish is smooth and even, which was surprising as it felt as though it might be gritty when I started applying it. It actually applies beautifully and is super pigmented - opaque in two coats. 


Dusty pink linear holo with a warm gold shimmer that totally transforms the colour depending on the lighting. This is a pink I can wholeheartedly get behind! It's like wearing three different nail polishes all at once and they're all stunning.

The formula is sensational, super smooth and a dream to apply. Like the rest it's super pigmented and opaque in two coats.


A light grey crelly filled with metallic copper, silver and teal glitters, and iridescent blue glitters. This makes me think of a clearing sky on a dreary day, sun and blue sky peeking through the clouds. I love a good crelly and this is a great crelly!

The formula is flowy and a breeze to apply. The glitters just go where they need to go without any clumping or dragging. It's just a hint too sheer at two thin coats so go for three coats. It dries relatively smooth but does benefit from a thicker top coat to smooth out the glitters.


Bright periwinkle blue with a gorgeous purple shift and micro pearlescent rainbow flakes. I love the purple shimmer but can't quite pinpoint why the colour doesn't work for me. Objectively it's gorgeous, but maybe I just didn't dig it with my skintone?

The finish is smooth and even, though the micro flakes feel a touch gritty at first. There's no dragging or balding and by the second coat it's perfectly opaque. 


Warm taupe holo with a beautiful gold shimmer. This is a total chameleon - ranges from a greying taupe to bronze to weathered gold with a bold linear holo running through it all. Yes, I'm already a lover of browns but this one is super unique. 

Formula wise it's just as fabulous - it's a thinner formula but flows effortlessly onto the nail. It's opaque in two coats and I didn't find my top coat dulled the holo at all. A definite winner here!

The Illusions collection is available from Grace-full Nail Polish right now, priced from $9 - $11 each. 

Aussie buyers head to gracefullnailpolish.com.au
International buyers go to gracefullnailpolish.bigcartel.com


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