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Emily de Molly - March 2018

Hi lovelies!

Another month, another collection from Emily de Molly to adore! This month brings us vivid colours, plentiful shimmer and just the right amount of glitter and flakes. Let's take a look!

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A Peacocks Charm

Deep purple jelly base with an intense olive green to blue shift, vivid gold shimmer, blue chrome flakes and holo gold micro glitters. Whew that's a mouthful! This is like nothing I've seen before. It's absolutely phenomenal - if you're a fan of weird colours like I am then you absolutely need this! It's near impossible to describe it's appearance - it's a multichrome but it's so much more than that. It's a shimmer, but that's just one feature. It's the sum of it's many parts and it's really something you need to see for yourself. 

The formula is fabulous - maybe a touch thin but silky smooth and a dream to apply. It's incredibly well pigmented, just two coats will get you perfect opacity and outrageous depth. The flakes and glitters are all well behaved, though I'd recommend a thick top coat to smooth out any bumps they might give you.

Charismatic Puzzle

Vivid dark purple jelly with a micro flake shimmer that shifts through pink, gold and green. What an absolute stunner! Rather than a traditional multichrome finish, this appears to have super fine multichrome flakes, and it gives this fantastic kaleidoscopic finish. It plays best in indirect lighting but it's gorgeous in any situation. The base is quite dark but the shimmering flakes gives it such an incredible lightness.

The polish is super pigmented, opaque in two coats. I used a light hand to apply this as it felt a little patchy on the first coat, but the second coat was smooth and perfect.

Dappled Lilac

Delicate dusty lilac holo with gold shimmer and turquoise, fuchsia and copper micro glitter. It's the perfect level of sweet for me - the holo and shimmer are both subtle enough to not overwhelm the delicate lilac base, and the glitters are the perfect touch. 

This one has a beautiful formula - super easy to work with. The glitters spread effortlessly with no dragging or clumping. I was pleasantly surprised to find it opaque in two coats. As always with glitter I recommend a thicker top coat to smooth out any lumps they cause.

Hanging Gardens

Bright grassy green crelly with iridescent flakes and copper micro glitter. Another super unique polish - I feel like it's the kind of combination you see everywhere but in polish. It's got a gorgeous depth that you wouldn't expect from a grass green crelly, but it works! More grassy green crellies please! I know this one isn't going to be to everyone's liking but as a diehard green lover and copper glitter enthusiast it's resounding YAAAYYY from me. 

I love the formula of this one - super buttery and a total dream to apply. The flakes and glitter glide onto the nail without any trouble and it self levels quite well. If I'm being really picky I'd use three coats, there's maybe the teeniest tiniest bit of VNL at two coats looking over my pictures? Do use a thick top coat with this to smooth out any bumps from the flakes and glitter.

Idle Sails

Mega bright blue foil with gold to green shifting shimmer. I struggled to capture this one accurately - the shimmer has much more gold to it than my pictures show, and the green can totally transform the base from a bright ocean blue to more of a bright turquoise. Hayley always kills it with these foil shimmers!

This has a beautiful thin formula that's super pigmented - two coats is all you'll need. It applies perfectly and has a super smooth brushstroke free finish. Can't say much more about something this great!

Old Flame

A dirty orange holo with gold flakes and gold holo micro glitters. There's just a touch of peach to the colour that I really love, it makes for such a flattering shade of polish. The flakes and glitter are perfectly balanced and the holo is subtle but gorgeous. I feel like it might get a bit lost in this collection of more adventurous shades but it's definitely a slow burner (pun intended). Even if you're on the fence, give it a shot!

Of course, the formula is absolutely fantastic and it's opaque in just two coats. Gorgeously buttery and a dream to apply, the glitter and flakes glide on the nail without hesitation and it self levels perfectly. Use a thick top coat to smooth any bumps from the glitters

Prismatic Mode

Sheer grey toned purple jelly loaded with iridescent flakes and pewter holo micro glitter. I'm in awe of the rainbows thrown off by the iridescent flakes - check out the low light photo to see how incredible they are in standard/indirect lighting! Though the base is sheer I think the payoff is worth it - you would not want all this colour and sparkle drowned out by a darker base.

My swatch shows three thin coats, and while there is some patchiness around the tip of my nails when close up, you don't really notice it thanks to all the sparkle going on. For something so heavy on the glitter and flakes it applies quite nicely, no dragging or clumps. You will need a nice thick top coat to smooth it all out.

Sharp Turn

An electric neon pink foil with gold to green shifting shimmer. This baby packs a big punch of colour, it's incredibly bright with a wild shimmer that leans heavily to the gold side. I may not be a fan of pink in general but I am a big fan of anything this obnoxiously bright! It's not quite as metallic as a normal foil, there's a hint of softness that gives it a gorgeous tone. It's like... creamy metallic? Whatever it is, it's phenomenal.

The formula is nicer than a usual neon - while there's still a suggestion of chalkiness it applies beautifully and self levels really well. It was just a touch too sheer at two thin coats so I've done three - depending on how you apply polish you may only need two.

The March 2018 collection will be available from: 

Monday the 19th at 10am AEDT (Australian site) www.emilydemolly.com.au
Sunday the 18th at 7pm EDT (US/international site ) www.emilydemolly.com

A Peacocks Charm
Charismatic Puzzle
Old Flame
Sharp Turn

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