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Celestial Cosmetics - Greek Goddess, Part I

Hi lovelies!

Celestial Cosmetics are taking inspiration from Greek mythology and giving us six gorgeous new shades inspired by Greek Goddesses. There's a mix of finishes and colours so you're bound to find something new to love here! Shall we check them out?

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Soft grey crelly filled with blue micro flakes. The shimmer from the flakes is really gorgeous, it's a soft and subtle polish that makes for a nice palate cleanser or office friendly mani.

This felt a little thicker at first, but after giving it a good shake and it turned into a beautifully smooth and buttery formula - I've been having some super hot and humid weather recently that likely affected it. It starts off quite sheer looking but builds up nicely in three coats. It self levels really well for a lovely smooth finish.


A desaturated dusty pink linear holo with a golden shimmer that totally transforms the colour in certain lighting. In shade and filtered light it appears more neutral, but in direct lighting the pink base shines through giving it a richer tone.

The formula was fantastic, a slightly thinner feel but quite pigmented. The finish is fantastically smooth. I used three thin coats for my swatch, but I think two would have been just as good - I didn't notice much different with the third coat.


Metallic yellow jelly with a fiery orange shimmer and a boatload of blue and orange multichrome flakes.  She's out there and she is giving me life! Which I guess should be expected of something inspired by the mother of all life. Bright and bold and fun, what an absolute dream.

This one is beautiful to apply - the flakes are mostly quite small so they don't catch or clump, and the base is the perfect viscosity to hold it all together. It's both yellow and a jelly so expect the first coat to look pretty sheer. It builds up to a nice opacity in three coats, both the shimmer and flakes pull their weight to hide any VNL. Use a thicker top coat to smooth out the edges of the larger flakes - I personally didn't find they stuck out much but I know how flakes can be!


Moody and mysterious purple shimmer in a black base. I'm getting gothic bride from this! It's so irresistibly rich and dark and I adore how it looks on me. Absolutely stunning.

This one is super pigmented, I did two thin coats for all that depth and midnight darkness. It's a lovely formula that spreads well and gives a gorgeous smooth finish. It dries down with a slight satin finish, so make sure you've got a glossy top coat ready for her.


Rich blackened sapphire jelly with blue-green shifting flakes and metallic violet micro glitters. I kinda don't have much to say except WOW WOW WOW. I am a massive sucker for dark blue jellies so this one had my heart from the moment I laid eyes on it. It's completely fabulous in every way for me.

As well as being stunning, it's an absolute dream formula - buttery and smooth and shiny! It's also incredibly pigmented, opaque in just two thin coats. Hello perfection! 


Sheer jade jelly with super strong gold shimmer. The colour is utterly gorgeous and the shimmer is super intense and vivid in every kind of light. 

So yes, this is a sheer polish but while it still doesn't appear totally opaque at three coats the shimmer is strong enough that I didn't think it needed a fourth. I do suggest wrapping your tips well to avoid a pullback effect, but overall I like the balance of the base and shimmer as it is. The formula has a thin kind of feel but it applies really nicely.

The Greek Goddess collection is available now from Celestial Cosmetics, priced from $11-$12 each. 

Aussie shoppers head to celestialcosmetics.com.au
International buyers go to int.celestialcosmetics.com.au


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