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Mckfresh Revamps

Hi polished pals!

Ready for another round of nostalgia? Today's rewind is courtesy of Mckfresh Nail Attire, who have revamped and re-released some of their most popular shades from their early days! Let's re-live the early days of indie polish mania with these five stunners!

Bunnies Are Evil 

Black based jelly sparkle fest with platinum flakes, scattered holo, pink micro glitters and a bold purple shimmer. It's got loads of depth and it's full of light from the platinum flakes. It's so different on the nail to how it looks in the bottle - I was not expecting to be so completely in love with it! Originally from the Sunnydale collection, this was one of two I never managed to get the first time around so I was excited to nab it this time!

It's beautifully pigmented, needing two coats for opacity or a third for extra depth (which I did). The formula was really lovely, all those flakes and glitter glide on the nail easily. It will dry with some texture, so a nice thick top coat is recommended.

Flick Kick 

Creamy fairy floss pink with a subtle blue shimmer. The shimmer was impossible to catch on camera, but it's beautiful in person - a sweet and delicate icy sheen. This is another newbie for me, despite owning a few from the original Retrosweat 80s inspired collection - I'm just not drawn to pastel pinks. My mistake I guess because I adore how this looked on me, it suits my skin tone perfectly!

Formula wise it was a good buildable polish - a touch streaky on the first coat but beautiful and smooth by coat number three. It self levels well, and dries with the slightest satin sheen. 


Milky white crelly loaded with yellow, orange, gold and brown hexes, tiny red hexes, yellow circles and big holo silver dot glitters. The Labyrinth collection was released before I discovered indie polish, so it's a newie that won me over. I was never really sold on it until I wore it myself, but it's so creamy and cute! 

There's a heck of a lot of glitter but I only found I needed to use extra care in application when I encountered one of the big holo dots. It builds to a nice opacity in three coats - I thought I was taking a risk leaving it without white undies but it paid off! Use a nice thick top coat to smooth out all that glitter.

 The Worm

A classic glitter topper with red and blue hexes in a sea of translucent iridescent glitters. I swatched this over a nude base to show the colours and iridescent bits with minimal interference, but I think it would look awesome over a darker blue base. The Worm is also from the Labyrinth collection, I don't think I'd seen this one around before!

For my swatch I did a thicker kind of dabbled coat over a nude base, but you could really choose to wear it any way you like. It's designed to be a topper so won't build up to opacity, but it is super generous with the glitter and you won't need to go fishing for sparkle. I used a thick top coat to smooth everything out.


Vampy shimmery red wine with pops of bright red micro glitter. It's dark and moody and rich and so completely lovely. The shimmer gives a subtle glow and those red micro glitters catch the light to add a little sparkle. I could have SWORN I had the original Willow but I can't find it anywhere to compare the two - I might have given it to my Mum though, seems like her kinda colour.

The formula was really nice, easy to apply with a nice sparse distribution of glitters. It was opaque in two medium coats and self levelled well. I used a thicker top coat just in case it dried with bumps from the glitter and it was perfectly smooth.

These are all available now from Mckfresh on Etsy - get in quickly as they might not be around for long! Mckfresh currently ship within Australia as standard but may do international orders by request.

Disclosure: *Products in this post were provided as press samples, which in no way affected my opinion of the product.

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