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Bettie Pain Polish - The 90s collection

Hi polish pals!

Bettie Pain Polish are kicking off 2018 by rewinding 20 odd years to the 1990s, where frosted tips and crimped hair were cool, trolls and tamagotchis ruled your world, we wore too much denim (mostly thanks to our way oversized baggy jeans) and we listened to whatever was on the radio because Napster only happened at the end of the decade. I was a kid, tween and teen in the 90s and this collection is hitting all of my nostalgia buttons right now!

Backstreet's Back

Inspired by the greatest Gorgeous creamy mid purple with an off the wall green shimmer. I cannot get enough of this colour! The purple base is much creamier than I expected - these shimmery kinda of polish tend to be more on the sheer/crelly side but this is gorgeous. And DAT SHIMMAHHH - my photos do it no justice at all because it's so wild in person!!

The formula is gorgeous, buttery and beautiful to apply, and self levels really well. I found it was opaque in two coats but spot a tiny bit of VNL in my photos - the shimmer disguised it too well in real life! Still, if it's too sheer for you at two coats you won't go wrong with another.


Bittersweet Symphony 

Another music video inspired shade! A bright cornflower blue jelly when warm, shifting to a deep midnight indigo when cold. It's got a sweet scattered holo sparkle, tiny fuchsia flakes and bigger iridescent flakes that make for a subtly sparkly finish. 

The formula is a touch on the sticky side which helps tame the bigger flakes, but I was still able to do relatively thin coats with it. It applies nicely and self levels well. I'd say it was 95% opaque in 3 coats while in the warm state, and it's rock solid in the cold state. The thermal transition is really lovely, I'm super warm blooded and live in a warm climate so I was happy that it didn't lose the cold state too quickly after getting my hands outta the ice bowl!

Downward Spiral 

Soft, sheer taupey-grey creme with a subtle red shimmer and tiny translucent purple flakes. I love these kind of neutral shades with a little shimmer, it reads very beige on me but can be more grey looking on different skin tones.

The formula is nice - streaky on the first coat or two but smoothed out like magic on the third coat for me. It's a little sheer at three coats and could be comfortably worn like that if you're into it (see Megan's own swatch), but I'm not so I went for four. 


Sweet soft lilac with a gorgeous blue shimmer and a few sizes of holo glitter. I'm quite enchanted by this polish despite it being very outside my comfort zone. I don't tend to go for super femme shades like this often but there's something really lovely about this one. The icy shimmer is especially captivating.

Maybe it's the gorgeous formula that sold me - it's beautiful and viscous, smooth to apply and generous with the glitter and shimmer. It goes on quite sheer but builds opacity quickly, I swatched with three coats. 


Rich and juicy berry with a hint of golden glow, inspired by the ultimate 90s girl, the one and only Drew Barrymore. This shade is the ultimate 90s lip colour (and tbh probably my current preferred lip colour), it's got such a great dark vibe while still being super lively.

The formula is stunning - much the same as Backstreet's Back in that it's super creamy and buttery, applies like a gift from a goddess, and is opaque in just two coats. Totally flawless.

Heart Shaped Box

Dirty grey holo with strong green shimmer. Filthy and perfect, I'm sure you know by now how much I love these 'prugly' shades and this is an absolute must have if you're into the same. The overall finish is a musty kind of olive holo - the shimmer is sensational and the holo doesn't drown out the muted colours. Big big love for this polish!

The formula is beautiful, maybe a little thin feeling on the first coat but it runs on so smooth and builds to a nice opacity in two to three coats - it was opaque in two but I did a third for photos and a bit more depth. 

Lost Boys

Dark greyed out eggplant jelly with a dusting of scattered holo and a mix of tiny flakes. From a distance it doesn't look like much, then up close you see all the beautiful complexity and delicate sparkle. I'm on the fence about this one, but maybe I'll warm to it in winter - it's got definite cozy winter vibes!

The formula is lovely and smooth - it's very sheer but super even and could easily be worn in 2 coats for a translucent finish. I did four thin coats for swatches, paranoid about too much VNL in my photos, but it looked good at three. 

Spice Up Your Life

Incredible silver holo filled with a rainbow of coloured micro glitter. I've seen a lot of similar style polishes in the last year or so and have never been tempted by them, but this one is seriously exceptional. From a distance the coloured glitters give a bit of a scattered holo effect but up close they really pop off the nail. An unexpected winner for me!

I was surprised with how great the formula was - that much micro glitter can often get tricky, but this just glides on the nail. It's opaque in two coats, but has more depth at three. It dries with a little texture so it needs a good thick top coat, I used Angel Glaze from Gracefull Nail Polish.

We Are The Weirdos Mister

Shimmery and bright berry/plum multichrome that shifts through copper, gold and green. Plus some scattered holo glitters for good measure! The shift is gorgeous and doesn't require dislocating a wrist to notice it, which I always appreciate. I love the addition of the tiny holo glitters in this more shimmery style multichrome - I find in the really metallic/chromey multichromes the holos disrupt the shifting effect but here they're a stunning enhancement. Aaand I've now typed chrome so many times it feels like it's not even a real word anymore.

Loved the formula, it's quite buttery which I found unusual for this style of polish. Application was great, minimal brushstrokeyness (yep that's a word now) and a great smooth finish. Builds to a beautiful opacity in three coats. 

We Were On A Break

Bright and bold cyan with a glowing green shimmer, tiny translucent flakes and aqua micro glitter. I'm all about this colour and shimmer combo, blue and green are massive faves for me, but I'm a bit on the fence about the glitters - I didn't really find they added anything to the finish unless I was in sunlight, and as someone who avoids sunlight at all costs I didn't get that benefit much.

Formula wise it's nice, though the glitters were a bit fussy - they just didn't want to behave on my middle nail and left a few bumps in the finish, but on all other nails it went on perfectly and gave a great smooth finish. I'm a bit on the fence - I love everything about this polish but those pesky glitters that troubled me on one nail! 

Well that was quite a trip down memory lane! It's a huge collection, but a decade is a long time to cover and I think Megan has done a heck of a job picking out some awesome inspiration!

The 90s collection will be available from bettiepain.com.au from Saturday January 13th - start making your shortlist (or long, long list) now!

Backstreet's Back
Heart Shaped Box
Spice Up Your Life
We Are The Weirdos Mister

Disclosure: *Products in this post were provided as press samples, which in no way affected my opinion of the product.

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