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Powder Perfect Christmas and Celebration Stamping Plates

Hi lovelies!

It feels like such a very long time since I did some stamping, let alone any kind of nail art, so I was super excited to get some new plates from Powder Perfect recently! I've done a few looks with the new Christmas and Celebration plates to get into the spirit of things - the silly season is creeping up faster than I thought possible!

The plates are both XL size, measuring 14.5cm x 9.5cm which means they come absolutely loaded with images. There are over 15 full sized images on each plate, dozens of smaller individual designs and images designed specifically for layering!

Celebration Plate

image via powderperfect.com.au
Fireworks aplenty, all the booze you can imagine, stars, sparklers, assorted decorations and clocks ready to hit midnight are what you'll find on the celebration plate. Find your favourite metallic stamping polishes to use with this plate!

Overall I love the design - so many options! It was well etched, though I did have some trouble picking up the stars (see the next image) - sometimes things just don't work with every polish and every stamper no matter how well etched a plate is though. I was still able to pick up many of the fine details without any trouble, which is a great indication of quality for me.

Celebratory bubbles, layered from the glass and sloshing bubbly images on the bottom row of the plate. I used the Powder Perfect clear stamper, Watchful Nights and Night Divine (there's a theme here...) plus White and Gold Stamping Polish.

Party time! Fireworks, stars and banners layered with some bright colours over black. I used stamping polish from Hit the Bottle, with accents of Powder Perfect Chronosphere from this year's anniversary duo.

Minutes to midnight design with King Arthur as a base. I used Gold and White stamping polish from Powder Perfect, and a green from Hit the Bottle.

Christmas Plate

An abundance of snowflakes and baubles, candy canes, multiple trees, some fair isle prints and loads of layering options on this plate! Layer up with some plaid (top left), candy canes (bottom right), stripes (bottom left), strings of lights (mid/bottom left) and a complete Rudolph face (bottom mid/right)!! 

If you're talented with a clear stamper you'll be able to come up with some sensational nail art using this plate, and even if you're less confident with a stamper you'll be sure to create some amazing designs. 

I was really happy with all the designs I tried, especially the super fine lines in the trees (see second image below), and the large spaces like in Rudolph's face.

Something traditional for a northern hemisphere Christmas, a simple fair isle print and snowflakes against a cloudy sky. The Fire Engine Red stamping polish is the perfect Christmas red! The cloudy sky is marble stamping/smoosh with Library Dust (no longer available) and Crenellations (still available!)

Something closer to home, some green and gold lends a touch of Australiana to the mistletoe/fern design. I used Robin Hood for the dark green base and the Gold and Metallic Green stamping polishes. Those trees are super fine lines but picked up and stamped perfectly!

OF COURSE I had to do Rudolph!! He looks so adorable! I was super impressed with how easy it was to piece him together using a clear stamper, and doubly impressed with how well the large spaces picked up. Paired with a simple snowy sky and some marbled mittens over Library Dust.

Both of these new plates are available from Powder Perfect now, along with the gorgeous Christmas trio - make sure you get in quick before the holidays are upon us!

Disclosure: *Products in this post were provided as press samples, which in no way affected my opinion of the product.

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