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Emily de Molly - November 2017 Holo Mania

Hello holo lovers!

Emily de Molly have released their November collection today and y'all are in for an over the top sparkly treat! Nine super mega intense holos for your polishing pleasure friends! 

All nine of the polishes in this release are near identical in formula. Smooth, buttery perfection to apply - I really cannot think of a single way these could be any better. They're richly pigmented, and quite close to one coaters if you use thicker coats - I've done two thin coats in all my swatches. None of my swatches are with top coat, though I would recommend using one to make your mani last!

Swatches are shown in diffused light and direct light - I'm sure you can figure out which is which 🙃

A Veiled Promise

Fierce fuchsia holo, sometimes appearing more purple than pink but has a definite bright pink glow when the holo gets going. Passes the test with this non-pink lover!

Beautiful Distraction

Cool minty green with a warm glow. Definitely looks incredible in direct light where the cool and warm tones battle it out. 

 Coming Around Again

Sophisticated light tan with a subtle hint of rosiness. An absolute cracking colour that I know is going straight into my rotation of reliable faves. You can see almost a full spectrum of colour when in direct light, and it plays off the neutral toned base perfectly.

Dark Enlightenment

Mysterious slate purple holo, this has such a gorgeous edge of greyness to it. It gets super fiery in direct light with an almost impossible glow.

Deafening Silence

Sweet periwinkle holo that dances on the edge of blue and purple. It's somehow both soft and radiant, a gloriously vivid colour that turns electric in direct light. Definitely a favourite for me!

Fix Up, Look Sharp

Bright wisteria purple holo, slighty dusty but still with a great punch of colour. It takes on more of a violet tone in direct light, and that holo rainbow is definitely something to behold!


Pale silvery grey with a cool metallic tone. Much like Coming Around Again, the holo rainbow really pops against the neutral base. It's like a robot tripped into an oil slick and I love it. 

Prime Time

Blushing rose holo that looks more candy pink in direct light. This shade of pink is definitely not for me, but it's so hard to resist the way it comes alive with that holo fire!

Rise and Fall

Searing aqua holo, bright like you wouldn't believe and with such intensity of colour. In direct light it's electric, white hot and alive. Another absolute must have from this month's release!

Finally, because I love you all, here are some side-by-side comparisons of the similar shades - they're similar but definitely enough of a difference to maybe need them all!

All nine new super holos are available now from Emily de Molly, along with some gorgeous limited edition shades. Which of these are you eyeing off?

Coming Around Again
Deafening Silence
Rise and Fall

Disclosure: *Products in this post were provided as press samples, which in no way affected my opinion of the product.

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