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Glittering Elements - Thirteen Ghosts Collection (part 1)

Hi lovelies!

Are you a fan of scary movies? One of my favourite Halloween traditions is doing a horror movie marathon with my husband every year around the end of October. Then there's the dozens we watch through the rest of the year as well... easily my favourite genre! I will buy pretty much any polish inspired by horror movies so when Casey from Glittering Elements announced she was doing this epic collection I was super excited!

Because it's such a big collection - 13 polishes for Thirteen Ghosts! - I'm splitting it into two posts to avoid photo overload. Today I've got the first seven, and tomorrow the remaining six


Vampy berry red with red/fuchsia sparks and subtle gold shimmer. I love rich velvety shades like this - they're universally flattering and always make me feel a little expensive. 

The formula is sensational - easy to apply and super smooth finish. It's well pigmented, so opaque in two thin coats. Absolute stand out! I used a thin fast dry top coat for extra shine and protection. 


Slightly dusty grape creme with purple and aqua sparks. The finish has a bit of a glass fleck feel to it that I adore, and the colour itself is gorgeous. 

The formula is good, it was patchy on the first coat but evened out nicely with three thin coats - you could probably get away with two if you did thicker coats. It self levels nicely for a naturally smooth finish. I used thin fast dry top coat for my swatch for extra shine.


Deep red jelly with an abundance of gold sparkle. Similar to, but not the same as The Angry Princess - this is a bit more fire-y and the gold really pops off the nail in person. Still has that same extravagant feel to it though!

The formula is a little sticky - not necessarily thick, but maybe not as fluid as the rest of the collection. It still applies well, and it's lovely and smooth. I did three thin coats for my swatch, but two thicker coats would do just as well. It dries with a slightly satin finish, I used thin fast dry top coat for my swatch to give it a bit of gloss.


Lavender scattered holo with ultra fine multichrome flakes and a subtle pink/red shimmer. One of the few bright shades in the collection and it's seriously gorgeous! The combination of multichrome flakes and holo makes for great twinkly nails. The shimmer was super camera shy for me but more noticeable in person.

This has a really nice formula - thinner than the rest of the collection but it allows for really easy application. Three thin coats for opacity with a surprisingly smooth finish. Another fave for me! I used a thin fast dry top coat for extra shine.


Slate grey creme with metallic red micro glitter and gold sparks. I love a good grey! The red and gold are super pretty additions that don't overpower the stunning base colour, but still provide plenty of sparkle.

Micro glitters can be a real pain sometimes but they didn't give me any issues here - everything spread nicely along the nail and I didn't have any dragging or balding. It does feel a little gritty to apply, and has some texture when dry so use a thicker top coat to smooth it out. It's super opaque in two coats.


A gorgeous jade crelly with white and metallic aqua micro glitters. Another one of the few bright shades, this is one of the most gorgeous to wear - it's really just stunning in person. I know I probably say that about most greens, but I was really enamoured with this - my notes pretty much just say "SO PRETTY <3".

I applied this one with some care - being cautious of the amount of micro glitter, and I found it was actually quite nice to apply. I used two medium coats and was really happy with the depth and opacity. It dries with some texture, so use a thicker top coat to get a perfect finish.


Super tricksy charcoal grey creme loaded with golden copper flecks. From one moment to the next the charcoal creme base can appear rich warm cedar from the abundance of micro flakes. It's so incredibly gorgeous and it's easily one of my favourite polishes of the year. 

Along with looking glorious, it has a fantastic formula that applies easily and smoothly. It's super opaque needing just two coats. It dries beautifully smooth needing just a thin layer of top coat for extra shine.

All 13 polishes from this collection are available from Glittering Elements via Etsy right now, along with a handful of other new shades if horror inspired colours aren't your thing. Shipping is available within Australia and the US. You can see the final six shades here.

The Angry Princess
The Dire Mother
The Great Child
The Hammer

Disclosure: *Products in this post were provided as press samples, which in no way affected my opinion of the product.

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