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Glittering Elements - Thirteen Ghosts Collection (part two)

Hi lovelies!

Are you ready for part two of Glittering Elements' epic Thirteen Ghosts collection? I've got the remaining six right here - you can see the first seven in part one here!


A blindingly holographic vampy eggplant. I don't have much I can say about this except WOW. Holos are a dime a dozen for me but anything that manages to be this spectacular without washing out the richness of the base is a total winner.

The formula is fantastic, super smooth and a breeze to apply. It's incredibly pigmented, needing only two coats for complete opacity. Even a thin layer of top coat didn't do much to dull the holo. Brilliant in every way!


A shifty oceanic green/blue duochrome. I say duochrome, but it's more of a deceptive colour changing sneak - appearing teal in some lights and more of a peacock shade in other lights or different angles. Whatever you want to call it, it's gorgeous!

It has quite a thin formula, but it's easy to work with and I was able to do thin to medium coats with no issue. I prefer slightly thicker coats with metallic finished like these - it can help reduce brushstrokes. This was opaque in two coats but I did a third to make sure it still looked great under bright lights, and finished it off with a thin layer of top coat.


Dusty peach creme with fuchsia shimmer. The shimmer can give it a very slight tan appearance in certain lighting. I was really excited about this one in the bottle but I didn't love it on me - it seemed to wash me out a little. I feel like it would be much more flattering on darker skin tones - I'm both pale and red and it just didn't work :(

This has a slightly thick formula and it applied quite patchy on the first coat, but it built up nicely and smoothed out after two more coats. I used a thicker top coat for this just to help with smoothness.


A gorgeous blackened blue with scattered holo and purple, aqua and red sparks. Totally gorgeous - dark and sparkly always has my heart! It's rich and deep and so incredibly lively. Another definite fave from this collection!

The formula is great - a total breeze to apply with a smooth finish. It's opaque in two coats, but next time I'll do an extra to get it a shade darker. I used a thin layer of top coat for gloss and a touch of extra smoothness and I didn't notice it dulled the holo at all.


A grey/taupe base loaded with green and fuchsia micro flakes. The flakes give it a kind of desaturated purple look that's really cool. This feels quite unique, I don't know that I've tried anything quite like it. It's almost like a pretty version of TV static?

The formula is really lovely - smooth and effortless to apply. On the first coat it appears quite thin, but it builds up to opacity in three easy coats. It dries quite smooth, just a thin layer of top coat needed for extra glossiness and protection.


A slightly greyed out light cornflower blue creme with a light holo shimmer and subtle fuchsia shimmer. Another unexpectedly stunning shade! Sometimes it's the simple things that are the prettiest. The holo shimmer looks similar to the holo micro flecks in a lot of Picture Polish shades, and it has the same beautifully delicate effect.

This has a fairly thin formula but it's also super opaque - just two coats needed for complete opacity. It's a dream to apply, gliding easily onto the nail and self levelling beautifully. Just a regular top coat is needed for some extra gloss and protection.

So that's all of them! All 13 polishes from this collection are available from Glittering Elements via Etsy right now, along with a handful of other new shades if horror inspired colours aren't your thing. Shipping is available within Australia and the US. You can check out the first seven shades here

The Jackal
The Torn Prince
The Withered Lover

Disclosure: *Products in this post were provided as press samples, which in no way affected my opinion of the product.

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