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Glittering Elements - Thirteen Ghosts Collection (part two)

Hi lovelies!

Are you ready for part two of Glittering Elements' epic Thirteen Ghosts collection? I've got the remaining six right here - you can see the first seven in part one here!

Glittering Elements - Thirteen Ghosts Collection (part 1)

Hi lovelies!

Are you a fan of scary movies? One of my favourite Halloween traditions is doing a horror movie marathon with my husband every year around the end of October. Then there's the dozens we watch through the rest of the year as well... easily my favourite genre! I will buy pretty much any polish inspired by horror movies so when Casey from Glittering Elements announced she was doing this epic collection I was super excited!

Because it's such a big collection - 13 polishes for Thirteen Ghosts! - I'm splitting it into two posts to avoid photo overload. Today I've got the first seven, and tomorrow the remaining six

Powder Perfect - Haunted Mansion collection

Hi lovelies!

Halloween has to be my favourite time of year for polish releases - even if Australia as a whole hasn't really taken to the holiday itself, most indie polish brands come through with the dark and mysterious goods every October! This year Powder Perfect have taken inspiration from gothic mansions of the Victorian era and the horrors within, and it's an absolute cracker of a collection.

Emily de Molly - October 2017 releases

Hi lovelies!

I've got a mighty dose of gorgeous coming your way right now, with the October release from Emily de Molly - 8 gorgeous polishes that I'm sure you're going to find totally irresistible! There's shimmer, there's flakes, there's a thermal and of course there's some holo too - let's get into it!

MckFresh Nail Attire - The Sorting Collection

Hi lovelies!

Today is for the Potter-heads, with a collection of bright and fun shades from MckFresh Nail Attire inspired by the four Hogwarts houses. Oh, they're also flippin' thermals that perfectly represent each houses colours! Wanna see?!