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Celestial Cosmetics - The Stars Collection

Hi polished pals!

I feel like I've been super out of the loop lately! I've been drifting away from social media a little because Instagram and Facebook algorithms are garbage, and in non-internet life I've been both mega busy and had a super bad run of sickness :( Boo to the flu! 

I've had plenty of polish to keep me entertained though, and today I get to show you the new collection from Celestial Cosmetics which is a collaboration of sorts. Each shade was inspired by an image submitted by the polishaholics in the Celestial's Stars Facebook group and the result a mix of finishes and shades with a little something for everyone. Let's take a look!

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A fresh sky blue crelly with silver flakes, pink holo shards and red sparks. I knew as soon as I saw this in the bottle it would be a favourite! It has a bright pastel tone that shouldn't work with the dark pink holo shards, but it somehow does! Maybe I just love a bit of contrast. There's a slight glass fleck effect to the finish that I adore.

The formula was really nice to work with, easy to apply with no issues from the flakes and shards. I found it was opaque in three coats with just a hint of VNL under my bright lights. It dries down quite smooth and self levels nicely. I used Celestial Light Year top coat for my swatch.


Black based holo and red micro glitter, which gives a charcoal/super dark brown finish. I swatch at night and wasn't wowed but this initially, but once I got out in the daylight I changed my mind. It really came to life with the holo throwing rainbows and the red microglitter looking like little lasers on the nail. 

This had a nice formula, definitely one of the better holo+glitter combos I've worn. The microglitters really behaved and sit well within the holo base. Application was good and easy and it's a nice opacity. I used three coats for my swatches, but I think two coats would be just as good. Swatch is with Celestial Light Year top coat.


A sheer blue jelly totally loaded with sapphire microglitter and a mix of soft and bright pink holo microglitters. I do enjoy an obnoxiously sparkly microglitter bomb every now and then and this is definitely both sparkly and a little obnoxious!

The base is very sheer so you'll be relying on the glitter for full coverage - which is no issue as it's fully loaded. By default I went in carefully when applying this but I didn't need to be too precious as it applies fairly well. I was happy with the coverage at three coats - you can still see some gaps near the tips but it's too sparkly and fun to notice.


A dusty satin pink with green microglitter and a subtle green shimmer. The green glitter is so unexpected in a base like this but it totally sells it for me. I also love the satin finish, it's super unique and I find myself liking this shade more the more I look at it.

The formula of this one was a little thicker than I'd like, but it was easy to control and apply and it self levelled well. It's quite opaque in two coats but I did three for my swatch. Work with the consistency of the polish and do thicker coats and it will be perfect in two coats.


Warm orange linear holo jelly with multichrome flakes. You know when you get a polish and it's everything you never knew you wanted and needed? This is it for me! I've been crushing on orange hard lately and this has the perfect warmth and depth for my skin tone, and the flakes are everything. I know this won't be to everyone's taste but I'm totally in love.

It's a beautiful smooth consistency and a dream to apply - the flakes spread easily and there's a good generous amount in there. Being a jelly base it needs three coats for opacity which also helps give it some nice depth. It dries fairly smooth, and I've used Celestial Light Year top coat again for a nice glossy finish. 


A rich inky blue with a pretty violet shifting shimmer and silver microglitter. I found the silver glitter often seemed to reflect green tones and I love that little spectrum of violet-blue-green, but this one is really about that inky blue base. It's rich and consuming, the perfect base for the shimmer and glitter to play off.

This one had a bit of a sticky feel - my first coat was pretty patchy and the second wasn't much better. By the third it was opaque and looking good, so ... yay?! Truly though, the third coat was like a fixer, giving me a nice smooth and solid finish. I finished it off with Celestial Light Year top coat.

The Stars Collection will be available from Celestial Cosmetics from 8am ACST Monday 14 August - check your timezone here! Retail prices are from $11-$12 each, with a 10% discount for the first 48 hours, so get in quick!

Pale Moon Rising
Sunset Dreams

Disclosure: *Products in this post were provided as press samples, which in no way affected my opinion of the product.

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