/**/ August 2017 - Procrastinating Polishr

Powder Perfect Anniversary Duo + La Lune

Hi polish pals!

Powder Perfect recently celebrated their fourth year of bringing us their amazing polish creations, and any celebration ultimately means treats! Treats for us in the form of sparkly new polish!

Today I'm showing off the stunning Anniversary Duo, and introducing the first polish from the La Lune Collection - a series of polishes inspired by the full moon. Let's get into it!

Celestial Cosmetics - The Stars Collection

Hi polished pals!

I feel like I've been super out of the loop lately! I've been drifting away from social media a little because Instagram and Facebook algorithms are garbage, and in non-internet life I've been both mega busy and had a super bad run of sickness :( Boo to the flu! 

I've had plenty of polish to keep me entertained though, and today I get to show you the new collection from Celestial Cosmetics which is a collaboration of sorts. Each shade was inspired by an image submitted by the polishaholics in the Celestial's Stars Facebook group and the result a mix of finishes and shades with a little something for everyone. Let's take a look!