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Nail Art with Powder Perfect Stamping Plates

Hi lovelies!

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen my sad busted nail a couple weeks back. Nothing quite like an unsalvageable break to send me into a serious nail art funk. Fortunately I was recently sent three of the new stamping plates from Powder Perfect which means I could distract myself from my sorry wonky nail with a whole load of fabulous nail art!

I did three looks with each of the three plates I was sent - 1980's, Art Nouveau and Woodland Creatures. There are two more plates in this release - Kings & Castles, and Florals - both of which I plan on picking up as soon as payday rolls around!

All three of the plates I was sent were perfectly etched and a dream to use. The images pick up beautifully and there's so much to choose from! Powder Perfect stamping plates are XL size, measuring 14.5cm x 9.5cm, and contain dozens of images. Each plate has a mixture of full nail prints and smaller individual icons, with some of the plates containing some larger multi-nail images. 

The design of each plate is clean and cohesive, with plenty of complementary images and a few matching negative patterns which is one of my favourite things to see in a stamping plate. 

For all my nail art below I've used only Powder Perfect products, a mix of purchased by me and PR samples.

Click any image for a closer look...


Base Turtledoves
Stamping Lilac and Pale Pink Stamping Polish

Base Whataboutery
Stamping Black Stamping Polish

Base Crenellations
Stamping Fire Engine Red and Golden Stamping Polish


Base Wonderful Tonight (Aussie Indie Con VIP Exclusive)
Stamping White and Metallic Green Stamping Polish

Base Turtledoves
Stamping Black and Golden Stamping Polish

Base Nottingham
Stamping Silver and Teal Stamping Polish


Base Library Dust
Stamping Black Stamping Polish, Crenellations, Robin Hood, Turtledoves, Brown Sharpie

Base Legend Says...
Stamping White and Black Stamping Polish, Florida, I Can't Sleep, Once Glorious

Base King Arthur
Stamping Black, Silver and White Stamping Polish

All of these plates (and more!) are available now from Powder Perfect. The range of designs and quality of these plates make these some of my favourites to use and I can't wait to try some more designs with them.

Disclosure: *Products in this post were provided as press samples, which in no way affected my opinion of the product.

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