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Grace-full Nail Polish - In Omnia Paratus

Hi lovelies!

Are you ready for anything? If you're not quite ready for anything, are you ready for a big old collection of Gilmore Girls inspired nail polish? Grace-full Nail Polish have just released their second collection inspired by the mega popular series and I've got all the sparkle and colour right here!

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Royal blue jelly filled with multichrome flakes in a rainbow of colours, plus a dash of holo microglitter for good measure. I purchased this one at Aussie Indie Con because it looked completely irresistible and I'm pleased to say my instincts are sharp as ever. It's vibrant and sparkly as heck and the flakes just don't stop shifting!

It's a jelly base which means it will take 3-4 coats to be opaque - my pics show 3 coats and there's a little VNL going on. It was nice and easy to use, the flakes and glitter spread easily and don't drag the base. I used Grace-full Angel Glaze top coat, my favourite thick fast dry top coat for a perfectly smooth finish.


A pale denim blue holo with holo flakes, for those who like their holo with extra holo. It's not as OTT as I make it sound but it is just a little bit extra and I'm here for it. The mega sparkle works so well with the washed out shade of blue and the holo rainbow is cool and gentle.

The formula is totally fabulous - smooth and buttery perfection. It's opaque in two coats (yay!) and dries down nice and smooth, I'm wearing it topped with Angel Glaze in my swatches.   


Searing pink linear holo with a hint of metallic finish. Prepare your retinas for this one because it will be burned on there for a while after you see this in real life! It's not neon, and it's not quite hot pink but it's still severely out there. 

This one is super pigmented - all that colour comes from just two coats. The formula was again sensational, gliding on the nail effortlessly and drying super smooth. I've topped this one with a thin fast drying top coat so as not to dull the holo too much.

Before moving on I need to say I'm really uncomfortable with the name of this polish - I get that it's a specific reference, but it's a slur and not a word I would use. I'm mentally calling this one 'Get a Sex Worker'.


Black jelly with red and copper flakes and those magical shifty iridescent glitters that have been so popular (rightly so) lately. This was another Aussie Indie Con purchase - I'm a sucker for glitter jellies! The effect of the shifty flakes and glitter in the black base is exactly as I'd hoped - glimmers of light from the depths of murky blackness. *fistpump*

The formula is much like any glitter jelly and requires careful application to get even coverage but it spreads easily and the glitter is evenly dispersed in the base so it doesn't tend to clump. I did three coats to get a good opacity and finished off with Plump Up The Volume top coat from Pretty Serious - glittery jellies tend to be thirsty beasts! 


The ultimate 'prugly' multichrome that shifts green to copper to a burnt red. Pretty/ugly polishes like this are always favourites and I never even knew I needed this until I got it on my nails. It's incredible - the colour is so intense and the shift is just effortless. I'm swooning all over again just looking at these pictures!

I did three thin coats for my swatches, but you could get away with two if you do thicker coats. It applies easily and evenly, but has the slight brushstrokey finish of most multichromes. Nothing can detract from that shift though!


A complex green holo, rich and deep and impossible to describe. There are flashes of silver and blue, then the holo adds warmer yellow and orange sparkle. It feels familiar but still unique, and as someone who loves their greens this will definitely have a permanent home in my collection.

The holos in this collection are all so impressively opaque, this being no exception. My swatch shows two thin coats, but I honestly think it would work with just one thicker coat. It's a thicker formula but still super smooth, buttery and a dream to apply.


Rich red holo with gold flecks. My photos make it look like more of a berry shade but I think it's the holo playing with my camera, it's definitely redder in real life. It's a rich and elegant shade that feels very at home in this collection and my collection.

Again it's a gorgeously pigmented formula that's opaque in two coats. Beautifully buttery and easy to use with a perfectly smooth finish. Topped with Angel Glaze in my swatches. 


Eggplant purple jelly full of pink, purple, copper and holo microglitters. I love the contrast of the deep jelly and bright sparkling glitters, it's nicely balanced so as not to be too flashy. The jelly base gives a great depth to let the rainbow of glitters really shine.

The formula isn't up to the standard of the rest of the collection - it can be a little patchy to apply and the glitters may drag if the previous coat isn't left to dry. That said, if you do take your time and apply with care the finish is rich and deep. It's a hungry one, needing a good thick top coat to smooth out - I used Plump Up The Volume from Pretty Serious.

The In Omnia Paratus collection is available from Grace-full Nail Polish now from both the Australian and International sites for between $9 - $12.50 each.

Dodge Lancer

Disclosure: *Products in this post were provided as press samples, which in no way affected my opinion of the product.

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