/**/ July 2017 - Procrastinating Polishr

Grace-full Nail Polish - In Omnia Paratus

Hi lovelies!

Are you ready for anything? If you're not quite ready for anything, are you ready for a big old collection of Gilmore Girls inspired nail polish? Grace-full Nail Polish have just released their second collection inspired by the mega popular series and I've got all the sparkle and colour right here!

Nail Art with Powder Perfect Stamping Plates

Hi lovelies!

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen my sad busted nail a couple weeks back. Nothing quite like an unsalvageable break to send me into a serious nail art funk. Fortunately I was recently sent three of the new stamping plates from Powder Perfect which means I could distract myself from my sorry wonky nail with a whole load of fabulous nail art!

Celestial Cosmetics - The Galaxy & Me collection

Hey lovelies!

Today I'm excited to finally show you the Galaxy & Me collection from Celestial Cosmetics - so much sparkle and shift ahead! Anyone lucky enough to attend Aussie Indie Con will have already seen this collection, but it has finally been released into the world this week. There are eight shades to show you so let's get to it!