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Bettie Pain Polish Crystals & Gemstones Collection

Hi lovelies!

It's time for a new collection from Bettie Pain Polish and this time around the inspiration comes from a range of gorgeous crystals and gemstones - yup, it's the Crystal & Gemstone collection! If you're feeling like something feminine but a little unique I feel like this collection might be for you. Check out my thoughts and plenty of swatches below!

Overall the collection contains a range of sheer but wearable shades full of depth and sparkle. If you're concerned about VNL this probably won't be the collection for you, but I think the slightly translucent finish really captures that crystalline quality of the inspiration stones.

Click on any image for a full size look...


Shiny and bright medium purple with sparkly holo glitters and a gold shimmer. Such a pretty colour, I like how the pink toned purple balances against the gold and serves a great punch of colour. The shimmer is really gorgeous irl, and the finish is delicate yet bright.  

The formula is a dream to work with - great even coverage and builds to a nice finish in 3 coats. I used a fast dry top coat for my swatch to ensure extra smoothness and shine, but it dries down relatively smooth on it's own.


A creamy milky sage crelly absolutely loaded with golden flakes. This one is inspired by the green ghost crystal and it's seriously unique. I actually think this shade is quite flattering with a little VNL. It contains a thermal pigment, so in colder environments you'll notice a shift to a darker, deeper green but I didn't realise this until after I'd swatched it! Check out Bettie Pain on Instagram to see it in it's cool state.

Again the formula was great to use, it applies smooth and evenly and the flakes cause no issues at all. I used three coats for my preferred opacity and topped with fast dry top coat.


Sheer pale grey with silver holo flakes and vivid blue shimmer. This is surprisingly eye catching - the blue shimmer really took me by surprise, it really pops off the nail. I'm torn on this shade as it's a little too sheer for my liking, but then I look at how it envelops the flakes giving them extra dimension and I just don't know how to feel!

I found this one needed a little more care with application as the flakes are in a range of sizes and the larger ones tend to stick up and can cause dragging/clumping, but I simply poked those ones down with an orange stick before applying the next coat. They aren't firm like glitters so they're more forgiving of a little prod. Again I've used three coats and top coat for my swatch.


Sheer neon pink with a wild gold shimmer. This gives me bleached neon vibes - sometimes it looks quite pale and almost nude on my skin then in slightly different light it's bright and shiny. The shimmer is the real star here - the brighter the light, the brighter the shimmer!

This one is startling sheer to apply, but builds up in a few coats. My swatches show four however this has been reformulated to achieve the same finish in three coats. I still found this first version too sheer for my liking at four coats but with the reformulation you should get better results.


A pretty violet with subtle holo and silver sparks and a teal/blue shimmer. It was really hard to capture the shimmer accurately on camera, but imagine what I've pictured with a little more green to the shimmer! It's one of my favourite colour combinations and I'm loving it in this polish! It's soft, sheer and delicate while still delivering a great pop of colour.

Formula wise, a winner again. Applies beautifully and evenly and builds to a nice finish in three coats. Pictured with fast dry top coat.


Pale to hot pink thermal jelly, filled with translucent green iridescent flakes that serve endless sparkle. I adore this in it's cold state but I'm a little cooler on it in it's warm state. I feel like it makes my nails look a little dirty underneath - something I often find with sheer red/pink tones. The flakes are such a perfect match for the base though - you really get that crystalline vibe with this one.

The formula was beautiful - super easy to work with! The flakes don't hinder application at all and they spread easily and evenly across the nail. I did three coats and topped with fast dry top coat.

Overall I think this is a really unique collection, I feel like each polish truly captures the essence of it's inspiration. All six shades will be available from bettiepain.com.au from Saturday 24 June. 


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Disclosure: *Products in this post were provided as press samples, which in no way affected my opinion of the product.

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