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Snatch Game - Drag Race S9 Nail Art

Hey kitty girls!

Thank the drag goddess, Snatch Game is here to save the season!

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Though I seem to be in the minority, I thought this was one of the best Snatch Games in recent memory. There were only a few weak links compared to some epic standouts - Valentina's Miss Universe Colombia, Shea's Naomi Campbell, Alexis's Liza and Sasha's Marlene Dietrich all had me screaming! These bitches came ready.

The runway was Night of 1000 Madonnas: Part 2 Electric Boogaloo The Shequel, aka Kimo-No She Betta Don't wear a damn Kimono or Ru will tear you limb from limb.


Yes, Trinity wore it better than Nina. Trinity is killing it every week - she's talented, she's funny, and she works the runway every week. Naturally her Madonna look was expensive looking and well tailored. I've come around on Trinity completely, finally a pageant girl has won me over entirely!

What I used:

  • Emily de Molly - Monte Cora
  • Emily de Molly - Terminal City
  • Powder Perfect - Black Stamping Polish*
  • MoYou - Hipster 05 Stamping Plate


B I T C H this look had me certifiably gagged. So simple but so incredibly beautiful. I'm still gagged over this tbh.

What I used:

  • Grace-full Nail Polish - I'm No Lady
  • Black Paper

Yes, just two for this week - girl's gotta live her life, OK?

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