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Draggily Ever After - Drag Race S9 Nail Art

Hey kitty girls!

What is happening this season? The episodes feel way too short (because at 39ish minutes, they are), with approximately 342 queens in the competition only a few get any air time at all, Ru's upper lip is missing and the lighting technician seems to be working under the assumption that the runway must be bathed in the most obnoxiously colourful lighting possible at all times. UGH.

At least the content has been entertaining. This week Cynthia got to explain a few things to Kimora, like what an "adjetive" is (hint: it contains a 'c') and the origin story of "cucu". Safe to say the world is still just as in the dark about the origins of cucu as they ever were.

Read the recaps at Bland Canyon if you want to scream inappropriately with laughter.

Again we don't get a mini challenge, which meant more time on the runway watching for glimpses of our queens behind the glaring disco ambulance lighting.

Our queens turned into princesses this week and walked the runway with their original sidekicks. It was a very mixed bag, ranging from disaster (Kimora's Banana Lady & Funky Monkey/Aja's Princess Disastah) to high glamour (Charlie Hides' Princess Climaxica), and campy fun (Trinity Taylor's AquaPussy) to plain old wtf (Alexis Michelle's Princess #SubwayFish)

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Alexis Michelle - Princess #SubwayFish

I am waiting for Alexis Michelle to step it up. I'm ready for her to slay. I still cringe thinking about this and her tadpole sidekick though. I get that riding the subway to her gigs is her 'Instagram brand' but this was not executed well (oh) at. all.

There are so many things about the look I like - her mug is looking correct, the hair is kawaii couture and the fabric of her gown is gorgeous. But all together it's a damn mess. Not pictured: the random stick she was holding. I'm not super familiar with the NYC subway, but I wasn't under the impression that small tree branches were a common sight down there.

What I used:
  • Mckfresh Nail Attire - Black Star Sapphire*
  • Powder Perfect - Tracery
  • Powder Perfect - Turtledoves
  • Powder Perfect - Whataboutery*
  • Powder Perfect - Florida*
  • Barry M - Key Lime
  • Picture Polish - Sorbet
  • Pretty Serious - Can't Take the Sky

Sasha Velour - Princess Uglina

Sasha is another of my pre-season faves, and I'm hoping this week was just a minor rough spot. From the neck up I adored, but the dress was a shapeless sack with cotton balls attached to it. Why Sasha, WHY?!

She performed on the runway though, girl can tell a story with her eyes! It was enough to make me forget all about the pillow slip dress and keep on loving her despite the fierce competition.

What I used:
  • Powder Perfect - Turtledoves
  • Powder Perfect - Red Stamping Polish*
  • Pretty Serious - Stud Muffin
  • Essie - Dressed to Kilt
  • Celestial Cosmetics - Pretty*
  • Born Pretty Store - BP-L015 Stamping Plate
  • Emily de Molly - EDM10 Stamping Plate

Trinity Taylor - Princess AquaPussy

WELL. Who knew this pageant girl had this in her? The deserving winner of this week. Trinity served camp, comedy and a cute as hell look. Her sidekick Stanky the Starfish was hilarious and it was so great to see a pageant queen succeed completely outside their comfort zone.

I underestimated you Trinity Taylor. Thanks for turning it OUT.

What I used:
  • Pretty Serious - Can't Take the Sky
  • ILNP - My Little Glacier
  • Emily de Molly - Medium Blue Stamping Polish
  • Emily de Molly - Lime Stamping Polish
  • Powder Perfect - Orange Stamping Polish*
  • Powder Perfect - Florida
  • Hehe - hehe056 Stamping Plate*
  • Powder Perfect - Halloween 01 Stamping Plate
  • MoYou - Enchanted 07 Stamping Plate
  • Seahorse nail appliques

This week, after finding our first lip sync assassin of the season (Aja) we said goodbye to Kimora Blac - the bitchy but sweet showgirl that just couldn't overcome her inner saboteur. We'll all miss your 100% natural cheekbones and straight to the point confessionals. 

Disclosure: *Products in this post were provided as press samples, which in no way affected my opinion of the product. 

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