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3 Nail Art Ideas for the anti-Valentine

So, you don't like Valentine's Day huh? I get that.

It's a weird, super commercialised holiday that focuses on romantic (and usually hetero) love and public expressions of it. It can be super cringeworthy and sometimes sad and alienating for those who aren't in relationships, and I know there are a lot of anti-Valentine's polish lovers out there - heck, I'm one of them!

This post is dedicated to those who love to hate Valentine's Day, with three manis that say screw you V-Day!


What you'll need:

- a sparkly metallic base, like Emily de Molly Courtly Love
- a black crème
- a fine detail brush
- a medium detail or striper brush
- a thicker quick dry top coat, like Gracefull Angel Glaze or HK Girl/Seche Vite

Black Heart Nail Art - Anti-Valentine's Day

I largely avoided the heart motifs in my Valentine's Day nail art, but it was hard to avoid here! Wear your black heart on your nails while showing you can still sparkle without needing a Valentine.

Start with your sparkly base - apply as normal until opaque, and finish with fast dry top coat. Make sure you use a top coat that leaves a smooth finish over glittery polish so your hearts don't look lumpy.

Paint the outline of your hearts with a fine detail brush and fill in with a medium brush. If you have an appropriate stamping plate this might make it a little easier, but I didn't find these too difficult and I'm not a great freehand artist!

Finish with some more quick dry top coat over the black hearts.


What you'll need:

- a dark sparkly jelly, like Illyrian Polish Fuck
- Ya Qin An stamping plate Y021* (from Born Pretty Store)
- orange stamping polish
- quick dry top coat
- optional: 'fuck you' nail charm from Hex Nail Jewelry
- optional: nail glue

Eff You V-Day - Anti Valentine's Day Nail Art

Give Valentine's Day the finger with a quirky stamped mani. Tell the world what you really think!

Paint on your chosen polish as normal until opaque, and finish with quick dry top coat. If you're using a nail charm you can add it at this point either on the wet top coat or with a spot of nail glue.

Once your polish is completely dry stamp your image, then finish with quick dry top coat. If you're talented at freehand you could also just paint a similar image with a fine detail brush, but I'll stick to stamping.


What you'll need:

- assorted pastel cremes (at least 4)
- a white crème
- an opaque red crème, or red acrylic paint
- a fine detail brush
- a medium detail or striper  brush
- a stamper
- quick dry top coat
- optional: liquid latex/tape
- optional: matte top coat

Okay, hearts again! But I love the idea of rejected candy hearts and wanted something cutesy to round out my anti-Valentine's manis. Plus apparently I like a challenge with those teeny tiny letters!

Start with  a white base - don't worry if it's not totally opaque as it will be covered by your art. Paint the skin around your nails with liquid latex, or tape it up to protect against the mess you're about to create.

To create the marbled background,  select the three palest shades of your original selection and dot  your polish onto a silicon mat (you can also use a piece of paper or other kind of disposable surface). Working quickly, lightly press the stamper into the dots, slightly moving until the colours combine. Roll the stamper gently across your nails to transfer the marbled patterns. You may need to do this twice to cover your entire nail.

Once finished remove your liquid latex/tape barrier and clean up, then finish with quick dry top coat.

Using the fine detail brush create the outline of a heart in different colours on each nail, then fill with the medium detail/striper brush. Top coat your nails again - this will smooth out the hearts which makes it easier to paint detail over.

Before you start on the lettering make sure your fine detail brush is super clean. Slowly and carefully paint your letters - I recommend starting from the centre and working outward.  Keep your brush clean to help with keeping the lines super fine.

Once you're done top with either glossy or matte top coat - I prefer my pastels matte!

What's your preferred look here? I'd love to see your recreations and other anti-Valentine's Day nail art!

Disclosure: *Products in this post were provided as press samples, which in no way affected my opinion of the product.

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