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3 Nail Art Ideas for the anti-Valentine

So, you don't like Valentine's Day huh? I get that.

It's a weird, super commercialised holiday that focuses on romantic (and usually hetero) love and public expressions of it. It can be super cringeworthy and sometimes sad and alienating for those who aren't in relationships, and I know there are a lot of anti-Valentine's polish lovers out there - heck, I'm one of them!

This post is dedicated to those who love to hate Valentine's Day, with three manis that say screw you V-Day!

3 not totally obvious Valentines Day Nail Art Ideas

Ahh, Valentine's Day. The international day of arrow flinging flying babies, overpriced heart shaped boxes of cheap chocolate and inexplicable teddy bears for grown adults. But it's also a day where maybe those who aren't always ready to express their squishy feelings might finally get their romantic on, so it can't be all bad, right?

Plus it also means I let my inner ultra femme get creative with some Valentine's Day inspired nail art! So I'll officially end the grump fest here and revel in some sweet, but still not totally obvious and overdone Valentine's Day designs.