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Emily de Molly - December 2017

Hi polish pals!

I've got the last release for 2017 from Emily de Molly to show you today - get ready to blow your December budget because we're going out with a bang!

Jord Wood Watch review (+ Giveaway/discount code!)

Hi lovelies!

Christmas time is almost upon us, and I've just got to show you my pick for a great all rounder gift idea - my fabulous JORD watch, the Frankie35 in Zebrawood and Navy. She's a real beauty, and she was on my wishlist for this year when the fab team from JORD approached me with the opportunity to showcase one of their range for you all! 

Powder Perfect Christmas and Celebration Stamping Plates

Hi lovelies!

It feels like such a very long time since I did some stamping, let alone any kind of nail art, so I was super excited to get some new plates from Powder Perfect recently! I've done a few looks with the new Christmas and Celebration plates to get into the spirit of things - the silly season is creeping up faster than I thought possible!

Emily de Molly - November 2017 Holo Mania

Hello holo lovers!

Emily de Molly have released their November collection today and y'all are in for an over the top sparkly treat! Nine super mega intense holos for your polishing pleasure friends! 

Powder Perfect Christmas Collection 2017

Hi polished pals!

There's a sparkle in the air today, with Christmas already around the corner so begins the season of Christmas polish collections. I'll be putting up the tree this weekend and I'm already thinking about taking inspiration from this Christmas trio from Powder Perfect, which were originally inspired by a set of sparkly jewel toned baubles! Seems perfect yes? Let's take a peek and get inspired!

Glittering Elements - Thirteen Ghosts Collection (part two)

Hi lovelies!

Are you ready for part two of Glittering Elements' epic Thirteen Ghosts collection? I've got the remaining six right here - you can see the first seven in part one here!

Glittering Elements - Thirteen Ghosts Collection (part 1)

Hi lovelies!

Are you a fan of scary movies? One of my favourite Halloween traditions is doing a horror movie marathon with my husband every year around the end of October. Then there's the dozens we watch through the rest of the year as well... easily my favourite genre! I will buy pretty much any polish inspired by horror movies so when Casey from Glittering Elements announced she was doing this epic collection I was super excited!

Because it's such a big collection - 13 polishes for Thirteen Ghosts! - I'm splitting it into two posts to avoid photo overload. Today I've got the first seven, and tomorrow the remaining six

Powder Perfect - Haunted Mansion collection

Hi lovelies!

Halloween has to be my favourite time of year for polish releases - even if Australia as a whole hasn't really taken to the holiday itself, most indie polish brands come through with the dark and mysterious goods every October! This year Powder Perfect have taken inspiration from gothic mansions of the Victorian era and the horrors within, and it's an absolute cracker of a collection.

Emily de Molly - October 2017 releases

Hi lovelies!

I've got a mighty dose of gorgeous coming your way right now, with the October release from Emily de Molly - 8 gorgeous polishes that I'm sure you're going to find totally irresistible! There's shimmer, there's flakes, there's a thermal and of course there's some holo too - let's get into it!

MckFresh Nail Attire - The Sorting Collection

Hi lovelies!

Today is for the Potter-heads, with a collection of bright and fun shades from MckFresh Nail Attire inspired by the four Hogwarts houses. Oh, they're also flippin' thermals that perfectly represent each houses colours! Wanna see?!

Mckfresh Nail Attire - pre-Halloween Trio

Hi lovelies!

Mckfresh are back! They've been back for about a month and they've recently released a bunch of new shades including special shades from Aussie Indie Con, new super limited shades, a revamp of an old Mckfresh fave and of course, the three 'pre-Halloween' shades you're seeing today!

Miss Priss - Natural Wonders Collection

Hi lovelies!

Time to visit the seven wonders of the natural world today, with a beautiful collection from a new to me brand, Miss Priss Polish. I'm quite late to the party with Miss Priss - they've been around for a couple years now but this collection (ok, and a few I picked up at Aussie Indie Con in June) was my first proper introduction to the brand.

Let's take a look at how the spectacular inspirations look in nail polish form!

Powder Perfect Anniversary Duo + La Lune

Hi polish pals!

Powder Perfect recently celebrated their fourth year of bringing us their amazing polish creations, and any celebration ultimately means treats! Treats for us in the form of sparkly new polish!

Today I'm showing off the stunning Anniversary Duo, and introducing the first polish from the La Lune Collection - a series of polishes inspired by the full moon. Let's get into it!

Celestial Cosmetics - The Stars Collection

Hi polished pals!

I feel like I've been super out of the loop lately! I've been drifting away from social media a little because Instagram and Facebook algorithms are garbage, and in non-internet life I've been both mega busy and had a super bad run of sickness :( Boo to the flu! 

I've had plenty of polish to keep me entertained though, and today I get to show you the new collection from Celestial Cosmetics which is a collaboration of sorts. Each shade was inspired by an image submitted by the polishaholics in the Celestial's Stars Facebook group and the result a mix of finishes and shades with a little something for everyone. Let's take a look!

Grace-full Nail Polish - In Omnia Paratus

Hi lovelies!

Are you ready for anything? If you're not quite ready for anything, are you ready for a big old collection of Gilmore Girls inspired nail polish? Grace-full Nail Polish have just released their second collection inspired by the mega popular series and I've got all the sparkle and colour right here!

Nail Art with Powder Perfect Stamping Plates

Hi lovelies!

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen my sad busted nail a couple weeks back. Nothing quite like an unsalvageable break to send me into a serious nail art funk. Fortunately I was recently sent three of the new stamping plates from Powder Perfect which means I could distract myself from my sorry wonky nail with a whole load of fabulous nail art!

Celestial Cosmetics - The Galaxy & Me collection

Hey lovelies!

Today I'm excited to finally show you the Galaxy & Me collection from Celestial Cosmetics - so much sparkle and shift ahead! Anyone lucky enough to attend Aussie Indie Con will have already seen this collection, but it has finally been released into the world this week. There are eight shades to show you so let's get to it! 

Bettie Pain Polish Crystals & Gemstones Collection

Hi lovelies!

It's time for a new collection from Bettie Pain Polish and this time around the inspiration comes from a range of gorgeous crystals and gemstones - yup, it's the Crystal & Gemstone collection! If you're feeling like something feminine but a little unique I feel like this collection might be for you. Check out my thoughts and plenty of swatches below!

Grace-full Nail Polish - Fruit Salad Collection

Hi lovelies!

Aussie Indie Con is just around the corner, which means there are tons of new releases and exclusives being launched this weekend - and I've been lucky enough to have spent the last couple weeks swatching a few of them!

Today is the first look at one of several of the releases coming from Grace-full Nail Polish - the Fruit Salad collection, a rainbow of stunning bright cremes that are destined to be staples in your collection!

Attn Beauty Lovers - Aussie Indie Con is Coming!

Hi lovelies!

Today I'm excited to to introduce to you the first ever Aussie Indie Con!

Aussie Indie Con - Saturday June 17 @ Lighthouse Gallery, Maritime Museum Sydney

9021-HO/RuPaul Roast - Drag Race S9 Nail Art

 Hey kitty girls!

I'm jamming two weeks into one today, plus it's gonna be a bit of a dump and run because I'm just a little pressed trying to avoid spoilers for episode 9 and I need to get far far away from the internet!

Celestial by Christine - Get Nourished Cuticle Balm

Hey lovelies!

As a polish addict I've also become a hoarder of all kinds of moisturising products. Hand creams, moisturising scrubs, cuticle balms, cuticle oils, mani bombs - you name it, I've tried it!

With all of that you'd think by now I have my hand care routine down to a fine art, but while I have found my holy grail moisturiser and decided mani bombs and cuticle oils are not for me, I was yet to find the perfect cuticle balm (though a few have come close).

But I've found it, and I am over the moon! Introducing Get Nourished from Celestial by Christine.

via Facebook/Celestial by Christine

Powder Perfect - Kingdom of Conscience Collection

Hi lovelies!

I've got a gorgeous new collection from Powder Perfect to show you today, a mixture of warm and cool tones perfect for autumn that are all absolutely loaded with sparkle.

Inspired by the film Kingdom of Heaven, this is the Kingdom of Conscience collection.

Powder Perfect - Kingdom of Conscience Collection

Snatch Game - Drag Race S9 Nail Art

Hey kitty girls!

Thank the drag goddess, Snatch Game is here to save the season!

via ivanv.tumblr.com
Though I seem to be in the minority, I thought this was one of the best Snatch Games in recent memory. There were only a few weak links compared to some epic standouts - Valentina's Miss Universe Colombia, Shea's Naomi Campbell, Alexis's Liza and Sasha's Marlene Dietrich all had me screaming! These bitches came ready.

Kardashian: The Musical - Drag Race S9 Nail Art

Hey Kitty Girls!

Drag Race is back bitches! Sure, it's been airing for over a month now, but this week felt like the show I know and love. We got a mini challenge! The Pit Crew were there! Celebrities waving back, it's like a dream come true!

Also we got drama and entertaintment in the form of Kardashian: The Musical, and Alexis Michelle's casting choices. I mean... tell me it wasn't strategic to give the girl who can't lip sync the main role?

evoo sai tss oh yow (via towleroad.com)
Nina moaned over not getting Blac Chyna for the entire damn episode, while Shea slayed the house down boots with her charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent with a show stealing Blac Chyna, a neon monster runway, and this legendary moment that even had Ru gagged:

Good Morning Bitches - Drag Race S9 Nail Art

Good morning bitches!

Is anyone else struggling to keep up with the wild swings between total claws out drama and heartwrenching tragic tales this season? 

It's so over the top - which, OK, I know I'm watching a reality show about drag queens, but damn - calm your boobsforqueens dot com (*wink*) tits please producers. It's exhausting. Valentina needs to teach them some focus.

via The Film Experience
Workroom weirdness aside, we finally got an actual entertaining maxi challenge! There were some spectacular failures from the Not On Today team - I'm looking at you Trinity and Peppermint. Eureka and Nina saved it from being a total mess with their edible diy drag segment, and Charlie and Cynthia would have been downright forgettable had they not been so cringeworthy.

Good Morning Bitches was owned by Sasha Velour and Shea Coulee with their repressed 80's lesbian power couple exploding with awkward sexual tension. This is a ship I am absolutely going to board.

Because there was only a 12 second runway this week (which was disappointing anyway after my mishearing it as 'naughty 90's') I took my inspiration from the challenge instead!

Draggily Ever After - Drag Race S9 Nail Art

Hey kitty girls!

What is happening this season? The episodes feel way too short (because at 39ish minutes, they are), with approximately 342 queens in the competition only a few get any air time at all, Ru's upper lip is missing and the lighting technician seems to be working under the assumption that the runway must be bathed in the most obnoxiously colourful lighting possible at all times. UGH.

At least the content has been entertaining. This week Cynthia got to explain a few things to Kimora, like what an "adjetive" is (hint: it contains a 'c') and the origin story of "cucu". Safe to say the world is still just as in the dark about the origins of cucu as they ever were.

Read the recaps at Bland Canyon if you want to scream inappropriately with laughter.

Again we don't get a mini challenge, which meant more time on the runway watching for glimpses of our queens behind the glaring disco ambulance lighting.

She Done Already Done Brought It On - Drag Race S9 Nail Art

Hey kitty girls!

I think Trinity Taylor best sums up my feelings about last weeks episode (episode 2):

Ahhh omg yasss... noooo shit... halp no wait I'm OK
The return of cucu Cynthia Lee Fontaine was no surprise so I'm glad they got it over with in the first millisecond of the episode. Seems not much has changed with her (health issues aside), the cucus were running wild and I'm not sure how much longer I can deal.

Lisa Kudrow turned up and spouted a catchphrase in one of the most awkward workroom visits I've seen - why was she there again?

The cheerleading challenge consumed the episode, and while it brought some welcome drama - and iconic gif-able moments - it was so poorly shot and presented I had no fucking idea what was going on.

Will the runway save us?

Oh. My. Gaga! - Drag Race S9 Nail Art

Hey kitty girls!

Back back back again for another season of the best show on television, RuPaul's Drag Race! Even after being spoiled with two seasons last year it felt like an eternity waiting for the premiere, but it was totally worth the wait. Every queen has come to slay this year and I am certifiably gagged.

As well as being served fierce werkroom looks, we were treated to two runways and the best guest judge to ever grace the show - the amazing, incomparable Lady Gaga. The whole episode felt completely dedicated to Gaga and while I lived, I'm really looking forward to getting to know the queens a little better this week.

Somehow, out of 36 looks I managed to pick three to inspire some nail art - but I've definitely keep a few more ideas tucked in the back of my brain that you might see pop up on my Instagram in the coming weeks. Now let's see who made the cut!

Spring/Easter Stamping Polish from Powder Perfect

Hi lovelies!

Along with the gorgeous Fatal Attraction collection, Powder Perfect are releasing three new stamping shades just in time for Easter! I've done some stamping with all three and I am seriously feeling all of them! 

Powder Perfect Fatal Attraction Collection

Hi lovelies!

I've got another stunning collection from Powder Perfect to show you today and I know you're gonna love them! Here's the description from the press release:

"The Fatal Attraction Collection taps into the dark side of desire & romance.
Because sometimes, following your heart leads to rack & ruin..."

Powder Perfect Fatal Attraction collection

Are you ready?

Sisters by Nail Polish Society for Picture Polish

Hi lovelies!

Can you believe I've had this sitting in my drafts for months? It's way past time I show you this gorgeous polish, designed in collaboration with Picture Polish by one of my fav bloggers, the sweet and talented Emiline from Nail Polish Society!

Celestial Cosmetics - March 2017 Limited Edition Duo

Hi lovelies!
If you're a fan of pink and/or Dirty Dancing, today is your moment. Each month, members of the Celestial's Stars Facebook fan group vote on an inspiration image from a classic movie and this month it's all about the pinks!

Celestial Cosmetics March Releases (part 2!)

Hi lovelies!
Continuing with the March releases from Celestial Cosmetics (see part 1, the shifty shimmers, here) with two incredible glittery jellies that have me utterly obsessed! 

Celestial Cosmetics March Releases (Part 1!)

Hi lovelies!
March brings us a whole swag of releases from Celestial Cosmetics, so I'm breaking up my swatches into three posts this month so I don't go totally overboard with pictures in one big hit. I'm starting today with four polishes I'm calling the 'Shifty Shimmers' - I feel like it's pretty obvious why!

3 Nail Art Ideas for the anti-Valentine

So, you don't like Valentine's Day huh? I get that.

It's a weird, super commercialised holiday that focuses on romantic (and usually hetero) love and public expressions of it. It can be super cringeworthy and sometimes sad and alienating for those who aren't in relationships, and I know there are a lot of anti-Valentine's polish lovers out there - heck, I'm one of them!

This post is dedicated to those who love to hate Valentine's Day, with three manis that say screw you V-Day!

3 not totally obvious Valentines Day Nail Art Ideas

Ahh, Valentine's Day. The international day of arrow flinging flying babies, overpriced heart shaped boxes of cheap chocolate and inexplicable teddy bears for grown adults. But it's also a day where maybe those who aren't always ready to express their squishy feelings might finally get their romantic on, so it can't be all bad, right?

Plus it also means I let my inner ultra femme get creative with some Valentine's Day inspired nail art! So I'll officially end the grump fest here and revel in some sweet, but still not totally obvious and overdone Valentine's Day designs.

Celestial Cosmetics - January 2017 Releases

Hi lovelies!
Who is ready for a polish filled 2017? I'm ready as ever, and excited to be showing you this month's releases from Celestial Cosmetics which include four soft shifty holos and a classy duo inspired by the movie Pretty Woman. Let's check them out!

Top 5 Nail Trends for 2017

In 2016 we saw some memorable nail art trends, from scorpions embedded in acrylics and weed at your fingertips to holo taking over the world. Both vampy shades and neutrals ruled Instagram, as did negative space and stamped nail art.

So what's in store for 2017? Here are some of my predictions!