/**/ November 2016 - Procrastinating Polishr

Mid-week Quickie - Picture Polish Mossy

Hi lovelies!

I really wanted to share my swatch of this irresistible new shade from Picture Polish, because it's pure heaven in a bottle. It's from the latest round of blogger collaborations and I'm utterly obsessed!

Monochrome Outline Nail Art

Hi polished pals!

Do you ever get frustrated with tip wear or shrinkage before you're ready to change a gorgeous polish? I sure as heck do! I recently wore this gorgeous orchid crelly and by day two it was looking a little sad at the tips, but still glorious and glowing with those icy blue flakes. 

Arcane Lacquer - Lambent Light

(you can pause here for ooh's and aah's)

I wasn't ready to give up on it immediately, so what to do? Nail art to the rescue!

Celestial Cosmetics - SantaMental Collection

Hi lovelies!

It's halfway through November, which means it's pretty much already Christmas! If this fills you with childlike joy then congratulations, you're in the right place today. Hell, even if this stone cold fact fills you with despair or has no influence on your emotions at all then I still think you're gonna enjoy Celestial Cosmetics' offering for Xmas 2016.