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Paint All The Nails Presents Watercolour

It's Paint All The Nails day!

I'm always excited to join my ladies from all across the world for the Paint All The Nails monthly linkups! We bring you different looks every month and this month our chosen theme is watercolour!

I don't know what inspired this palette, all I know is that I wanted neon! I missed the neon prompt a couple months back and now that I'm on the other side of winter I am ready for full HD colour!

I love a prompt that is a little open to interpretation. Watercolour can be done so many ways with so many different things - sharpie/alcohol inks, sheer tints, cling wrap, or just paint an amazing masterpiece on your nails. I wanted to create the effect of layers of colour bleeding into each other in an abstract kind of way.

I went for one of my current favourite techniques, the stamper head smoosh. I started with a white base and latexed up, then blobbed some colour on my silicon mat, dabbed my stamper and went to town on my nails. Well, more like gently dabbed it on my nails. Finished up with a stripe of black to make everything pop.

It's so easy and effective - I had so many comments on these! I wore them matte, but there's a glossy pic below - what do you prefer?

Products Used

Pretty SeriousPresence
Powder PerfectWhataboutery*
Miss AshleighAnd It Was All Yellow
Bella Belle Nail CoutureHow's The Serenity?
Powder PerfectLightning Lady coat*
Powder PerfectMattificent top coat*

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