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Bettie Pain Polish - Ever After Collection

Hey pals!
Are you ready for a new collection from Bettie Pain Polish? I sure hope so, because I have the entire new Ever After collection to share with you today! It's a gorgeous range of colours inspired by the 1998 movie Ever After, with a range of finishes including shimmers, thermals and a heavenly holo and multichrome flake!

I love collections that are inspired by something the creator genuinely loves - it always shows in the end result. This collection is a great mix of bold and feminine shades that will appeal regardless of your familiarity with the inspiration!


Stunning squishy jelly that is juicy raspberry red when warm and a deep oxblood shade when cold. I've wanted a simple yet reactive thermal like this for so long! I have short nails and warm blood so I have a lot of trouble keeping thermals at that perfect partial transition phase - even in winter - but I had no trouble with this one! On a cool day this sat perfectly raspberry on the nail plate with a beautiful oxblood free edge.

The formula was smooth and easy to use, though appeared a little patchy on the first coat. It definitely needed three coats to bring out the lovely juiciness, and don't skip the glossy top coat as it dries down a little dull (not that you should be skipping top coat anyway, tsk tsk).


Double holo with a silver holo base and holo microglitter, plus red/copper shifting flakes that warm up that linear holo fire. It is bursting with extravagance! Naturally it was inspired by the major ball event in the movie, full of luxe sparkle and over the top outfits and decoration. I wasn't prepared to be quite so wowed by this shade but when it hit my nails I gasped at it's beauty.

The formula is heaven, so smooth and silky to apply. The silver holo base is quite sheer to maximise the impact of the sparkle, so on very close inspection in certain lighting it's not totally opaque but you will never even notice. Promise! I am wearing three thin coats in my swatch, with a top coat as always.


Sheer minty blue with a contrasting red glow. Such a cool combination of colours! The red glow was a little photo shy but in real life it's an amazing warm contrast over the cool minty blue. At first I was bothered with how sheer it was but the more I look at it in it's intended state (of showing that hint of VNL) the more I'm OK with it. I'm usually creeped out by VNL but this manages to look a little classy, it almost brightens up the free edge. I also ADORE the colour, so I think I'm feeling positive overall.

My swatch shows 4 coats, which I did because of my general nope-ness with sheer shades. The formula was gorgeously smooth, and though it is sheer the pigmentation is perfectly even.


The colour of royalty and lavish living, rich and luxurious and bright and warm! Perfectly suited to a story of royalty and the upper class lifestyle. There is shimmer for days here, glowing and always trying to attract your attention. The flakes are nice subtle extra touch. 

I was smitten with the formula of this one - it is a dream to apply. It's somewhat thin (though definitely not runny) but beautifully opaque in two coats. It dries down perfectly smooth, I'm wearing two coats and a glossy quick dry top coat in my swatch.


A bright burnt orange with a green/gold shimmer and bronze microflakes. I live for this colour - I know a lot of people can be a bit scared of oranges but this one is glowy and fiery and totally gorgeous. The green/gold shimmer is perfection and so lively on the nail. The shade is inspired by the makeup and costuming in the final scene of the film, and if I were a fabulous princess centuries ago I would totally be rocking this shade too. 

Formula is beautiful and extremely well wearing on me - I wore it for a solid 4 days (with this stamped nail art) and had no chipping or tip wear. Smooth and easy to apply needing 2-3 coats depending on your application method. For my swatches I'm wearing two medium coats, for my nail art I did 3 very thin coats. Topped with a simple glossy quick dry top coat for shine.


Shimmery blue thermal that transitions from an icy pale blue when warm, to a rich sapphire when cold. I swatched this shade last and had forgotten at that point that this was meant to be a thermal, so as I was applying it and it wasn't the beautiful rich blue in the bottle I panicked! It wasn't until my second coat that I noticed it transitioning at the tips and breathed a sigh of relief. 

The thermal isn't as reactive as A Pebble in a Shoe, but it's still a nice bold contrast when the temperature is right. I took a trip to Melbourne recently and knowing it would be a good 15 degrees colder I made sure I was wearing this and I got some great wear out of it over a weekend. 

It was easy to apply with a nice smooth formula, though it also dries down a little dull - perhaps this is common for thermals? In any case, nothing your top coat won't fix. I'm a little in awe of how all these shimmery shades can be so silky!

Impressed? Australians can buy these directly from Bettie Pain Polish from Saturday 17th September at 10am AEST! If you're outside of Aus, keep an eye on Shiro Cosmetics.

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Disclosure: *Products in this post were provided as press samples, which in no way affected my opinion of the product.

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