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Kaleidoscope Nail Art - ABC Challenge

Hey pals!

Another week has flown by so it's already time for the letter K in the Nail Polish Society ABC Challenge. I was totally stumped for this letter until I found my MoYou Kaleidoscope plates!

I would love to say from that point on it was easy, but I can't even tell you how many times I tested colour combinations, made decals and generally screwed things up. Everything looked terrible. So I gave up on making it look like an actual kaleidoscope and just did something I thought looked pretty!

I freakin love how the end product looks, kaleidoscope or not. I love the smoosh of colour in the stamping, it's so easy to just blob some colours on, scrape and stamp!

Products Used

Pretty SeriousAbsence
Hit the BottleAbsinthe Minded
Hit the BottlePoison Apple
Hit the BottleCall a Plumber
Celestial CosmeticsLight Year Top Coat
MoYouKaleidoscope 07

More letter K nail art below!

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