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Jupiter Nail Art - ABC Challenge

Let’s get nerdy!

I’ve got a topical look today for you NASA fans (there’s a huge crossover, right?) with some Jupiter nail art for the ABC Challenge. Last week the big news in space was the Juno probe arriving at Jupiter, giving us the closest and best look at the mysterious gassy giant we’ve ever had. I took on a mission with equal complexity to create some of Jupiter’s familiar roughly banded surface – a water marble.

My top three favourite science and nature topics growing up were dinosaurs (obviously), the deep sea and the weird creatures down there, and space – the final frontier. I always did reports and projects on the solar system for school and for fun made a solar system mobile out of polystyrene balls. I was a pretty cool kid.

Aaanyway, just in case you want to hear about my nails, here’s what I did. 

gathered my water marbling tools (a plastic cup of water and a toothpick, I’m very hi-tech) and picked some Jupiter appropriate colours. I started by laying down a base of Powder Perfect Turtledoves then taped up my fingers for protection. After completing the impressive feat of water marbling I added the eye with a mix of the brown and marsala shades with a dotting tool, and roughed up the outside with Turtledoves. After some fast dry top coat I made it matte with Powder Perfect Mattificent* and bam! Planetary! 

Products Used

Powder Perfect Turtledoves
Powder Perfect Recollections
Celestial Cosmetics The Night Lands
Bettie Pain Polish The Cat's Meow
Powder Perfect Mattificent
Grace-full Nail Polish Angel Glaze

I thought I was so awesome and original doing this but turns out Nichole from Bedlam Beauty/Pretty Girl Science beat me to it by years, you should definitely also check that out. Nerds unite!

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