/**/ ABC Challenge - I is for i nail art - Procrastinating Polishr

ABC Challenge - I is for i nail art

Happy Monday pals!

I've got something easy to kick off the week with this monochrome dot dash pattern for the Nail Polish Society ABC Challenge. I took my inspiration from the letter itself - the simple little letter i.

I had some thoughts on the letter 'I' - icecream, ice, igloos, indigo, ikat. But ultimately, the simplicity of a dot and a dash was much more my aesthetic. Also much more my skill set!

I started with a base of Glittering Elements Have You Checked The Children?, and used a short striper brush to add the design with Bella Belle Nail Couture How's the Serenity?. I did it both glossy and matte, and I'm sure you can guess which version I prefer ;)

Check out what the others came up with for the letter 'I' and I'll see you again soon!

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