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Powder Perfect Bermuda Triangle Trio - Swatches and Review

Hi lovelies!

I'm back with a bang today with the gorgeous Bermuda Triangle trio from Powder Perfect! That's not all either - I got to try one of the new top coats from the new selection of nail care. Oh, and there's a treat at the end. For YOU!

Powder Perfect Bermuda Triangle Trio

These three beautiful bold brights are inspired by the infamous Bermuda Triangle (no, not my favourite childhood theme park ride), but, as Jacinta describes it, "the famed 'dead zone' between Bermuda, Florida & Puerto Rico where ships, submarines & aircraft mysteriously vanish without a trace! Some pilots report strange weather phenomena; others disappear without even issuing distress signals. While the cause of the disappearances remains unsolved, the Bermuda Triangle is firmly fixed on our paranormal radar."

Let's take a look!


Powder Perfect - Bermuda

Heaven, bottled. A silky smooth green creme with just enough blue to be considered teal. It should be no surprise that I adore this shade, and the gorgeous formula makes it a complete winner.

My swatch shows two coats topped with the new fast drying top coat Lightning Lady (more on this at the end). The consistency is slightly thinner than I prefer - though not runny at all - but I experienced no issues with flooding and it applied perfectly.

I did have some serious problems accurately capturing the colour of this one, so I'd recommend checking more swatches if you're on the fence.

Powder Perfect - Bermuda


Powder Perfect - Florida

Coral? In winter? I say yes! Florida has the perfect balance of orange for my skin tone and sits right in that sweet spot between neon and pastel without leaning into bleached neon territory. 

My swatch shows three coats topped with Lightning Lady. Again the formula was beautiful to use, with really easy and smooth application. This wears well too - I've been wearing it on my right hand for 3 days now and still going strong.

Powder Perfect - Florida


Powder Perfect - Puerto Rico

This punchy shade makes me believe in purple again! It's easily the most done colour in the nail polish world but this one has such vibrance I can't resist. My swatches are showing some slight pink tones that aren't true to life - this is a serious pure purple.

I only needed two coats and (yeah, broken record here) found the formula to be smooth and easy to use. I was able to get the polish right up to the edge of my nails without flooding - I didn't do any cleanup for these shots! #humblebrag

Powder Perfect - Puerto Rico


I used the 5-free top coat Lightning Lady for all of these swatches and was really impressed. It's quite different to most fast dry top coats I'm used to, but it worked beautifully with these three cremes. 

The formula was unexpectedly thin - most fast drying top coats I've used are on the thicker side. Rather than applying immediately after your polish (as you would with Seche Vite or HK Girl) it's best to wait a few minutes before applying a light layer of Lightning Lady (try saying that three times fast). 

After a couple of minutes I wasn't convinced - a soft touch left a dent. I definitely judged too soon as another 5 minutes later and my mani was Rock. Hard. Bonus points for zero shrinkage at either my tips or cuticles, even after 3 days.

I haven't extensively trialled Lightning Lady but for cremes it gave me a great glossy finish and solid mani in under 10 minutes dry time. I plan on testing it a little more thoroughly and I'll make sure I update my thoughts!

The Bermuda Triangle trio and Lightning Lady will be available from Powder Perfect tomorrow (June 15th) at 7pm AEST at the Australian site and 7pm EST on the United States site.

As a special bonus for my readers, you can use the discount code JAE for 10% off all purchases from Powder Perfect from the launch until the end of July! Go forth and buy polish!

*Products in this post were provided as press samples, which in no way affected my opinion of the product. Please refer to my Disclosure page for more information

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