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Geometric Skittle Nail Art - ABC Challenge

Hi lovelies!

I've got two of my favourite things happening right now - brights and geometric! My wonderful friend Emily who blogs over at Nail Polish Society started running a weekly nail art linkup while I was away and I'm excited to join in from today!

As someone who is obsessed with doing things in order, the ABC Challenge is my dream. Every week we're doing nail art of our choice - the only rule is it has to start with that week's letter of the alphabet! I missed A-F, but I'm pretty excited to start at G because G is always for Geometric!!

I used the brand new Powder Perfect Bermuda Triangle* trio to create this nail art because I knew as soon as I swatched them they would make amazing nail art - and they did!

I used a mixture of freehand and vinyls for a somewhat incoherent mix of patterns. The pinky and ring finger are freehanded with a medium striper - I tried to use striping tape on my pinky but it made me want to cry and punch things. I no longer own any striping tape.

The middle finger negative space was done with a vinyl from a mixed geometric/aztec sheet of vinyls from... somewhere, and I freehanded the purple edge with a striper brush to make it pop a little more. 

The index finger is a triangle vinyl which I applied to first create negative space with the purple, and filled in with the coral - it makes for a smoother finish and means less waiting for polish to dry to use your vinyls!

Don't forget, if you dig these new Powder Perfect shades you can get 10% off with the code JAE until the end of July!

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