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Guest Post: Advanced Stamping Tutorial by Briemmara

Hi lovelies!

Today we're being treated to a bit of a tutorial from one of the most enthusiastic Aussie polish addicts I know! Briana aka @briemmara has kindly put together a step by step guide to advanced stamping, a technique I'm always impressed by. Let's take a look!


Hi everyone, I'm really excited today to show you this Advanced Stamping (also known as Reverse Stamping) mani, it's so much fun and one of those manis that takes a while to do so one that you can sit back and watch an episode of two on Netflix...maybe skip the glass of wine though, you need a steady hand for some of this stuff lol.

Although this mani takes a little time it's not terribly difficult and it's so super effective. So hopefully you like it and my ramblings aren't too hard to follow or understand :/

First step is to get out all your supplies, I've recently started laying everything out in front of me before I start, it makes me feel super professional and I can pretend I actually know what Im doing...compared to digging through drawers looking for colours and tools mid mani like I use to do, and still do when I forget stuff, like the cuticle oil today...


Today I’ll be using 4 shades of purple, 3 clear jelly stampers (my favourite is the one from Messy Mansion, but the one from Born Pretty is also really good) my STZ-L004 stamping plate, and two polishes from Pretty Serious, Absence for stamping and Presence as a fresh white base to lay the image down on…..if Jae hasn't already told you about these magical one coat creamy white and black polishes...you need to start a lynch mob or something because they are complete life changers.
So starting with a fresh white base I've let that dry and I guess if you were a pro you’d top coat it but I skip that step because I've never found it to be helpful or worthwhile….


Then using Pretty Serious Absence I've picked up the chosen image onto one of the stamper heads, and using a striping brush (a small dotting tool also works well) colour in each section with the purples going darkest to lightest until the entire image is covered.

One great advantage to using a clear stamper head when doing this kind of nail art is that once you've “coloured in” your image you can flip it over and see the underside of the image and see if you've missed a spot or have any gaps or anything like that.


Now LET IT DRY. It doesn't take too long, really only 5 or 10 minutes but to make things flow easier I set one aside to dry and then started a second image on a second stamper head, I had three going at once for this mani today, which isn't totally necessary it just saves time to have one drying while you're working on a second or third image.

To check its dry I just lightly press the image, if it leaves an indent or feels tacky, it's not ready. I wouldn't leave it for a few hours or anything, 10 mins is really more than enough time usually. Next I latex-ed up my nails using liquid latex from Hit The Bottle and let that dry ready to stamp on my images.


Now there are two ways of getting the image from the stamper to your finger, one way is to cover the image in a coat of clear top coat, let that dry then peel the image off the stamper head and apply it to your nail the same way you would apply a decal. I've never done it this way and it seems unnecessarily fussy to me.

Me, I wait until the image is dry as stated above and then simply press the image onto my nail as I would when stamping normally. You may need to use a little extra pressure or roll a bit more if you're using a firm stamping head but all my stampers are soft so I just press it into my nail and voila...perfect stamping...unless the polish wasn't dry and then you've got a hot mess of smudged polish but we were patient and let them dry like good little children who know how to follow the rules.


Peel off the latex, clean up any stragglers and apply a shiny top coat and you're done! Free to go out into the world and amaze everyone with your banging nail art skills.


Thanks to Jae for letting me take over her blog for the day, hopefully she's having an amazing time away. I hope it's been worthy of space on your awesome blog and that everyone has enjoyed my mani. For more of my nail art and swatches please follow me over on Instagram @briemmara

Thank you for putting together such a detailed tutorial! You've absolutely put my previous attempts at tutorials to shame!

You can follow Briana on Instagram!

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