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Guest Post: Elegant Mint + Gold by Alexis of Gumnut Nails

Hi lovelies!

Today I'd like to introduce you to Alexis, an Aussie blogger who has very recently taken the leap from Instagram to blogging! She has prepared a beautiful combination of mint and gold using one of my favourite Aussie brands, Grace-full Nail Polish. Let's take a look!

Hiya everyone! A big thanks to Jae for giving me a little spot here on The Procrastinating Polishr while she is having a fab time OS. 

My name is Alexis, and I've been microblogging on Instagram as gumnutnails for a little while now, and have recently started up a proper blog. 

For me, nail polish and nail art is a little escape from the dirt and dust of farm life. I like that I can feed pigs or check cattle troughs with a gorgeous indie polish on my nails - nothing like a bit of contrast to highten the beauty!

Today I have a few special polishes to show you. I should start by saying you can thank one of my sons for this colour combo. We were sitting together pulling out a few bottles I was thinking of using when he pulled these two out in quick succession, and immediately I wanted to use them together. 

Inside, artificial light
Both these polishes are from Grace-full Nail Polish. 'I'm No Lady' came from the April 2015 What's In-die Box, and 'Born To Fly' was a special release to raise funds for SANDS Australia. It is actually still available if you love it and want to contribute to a great cause. 

'Born To Fly' is a mint green crelly filled with gold sparks. The first coat goes on sheer, but another one or two careful coats will get it opaque. 

I then used 'I'm No Lady' for a feature nail. This is a microglitter using gold and holo glitters. I love the subdued shade of gold it creates - well, in the shade anyway, in the sun that rainbow does take over! I'm normally a more silver girl, but this one almost gives 'white gold' vibes. It applied in two easy coats, plus two of top coat (unsurprisingly, that glitter is hungry!). 

Outside, shade
And last but definitely not least, I added a matte top coat. I've used 'Mattificent', a new release from Powder Perfect due out on the 29th of April. I adore the name, I don't know if it's a nod to Maleficent (I loved that movie!) or a play on Magnificent, but either way, it's awesome. The top coat itself is also great of course! Quick drying and giving a lovely matte look to all your favourites. 

Outside, direct sunlight
Over this particular polish, the difference wasn't particularly profound - I've used Mattificent on my pointer and middle finger, but not my little finger.  It's a subtle difference, but it does let those gold flakes poke through a bit better, and I love the softness it provides. 

Outside, shade
I think overall this mani is a quiet achiever, nothing is too out there or busy, but all the colour elements complement one another so well and Mattificent provides an additional special touch. I hope you like it, and thanks for having me!

Please also check out these great brands, if you haven't already:
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x A

Thank you for putting together such a gorgeous mani Alexis! Green is my weakness and I'm No Lady is one of the only polishes I like so much that I have a backup of it! Plus, we all know how much I love matte top coat :D

You can find Alexis on her brand new blog at Gumnut Nails, and you can follow her over on Instagram.

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