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Guest Post: Essie Encrusted Treasures Swatches by KellieGonzo

Hi lovelies!

Today we are treated to the fabulous nails of the wonderful Kellie, who you'll probably already know as KellieGonzo! Chances are if you've ever googled a polish for swatches you'll have seen it on her perfect nails. She's every bit as lovely as you would expect and I'm so excited to have her here! Let's get into it!

Hi Procrastinating Polishr readers! Big thanks to Jae for asking me to guest post. :D I have recently gotten to know her and we have made fast friends, shared through our love of nail polish and RuPaul's Drag Race! Today for your entertainment, I have two swatches of some well-known Essie polishes from their Winter 2013 Holiday collection, Encrusted Treasures. I know these are still available at a lot of the stores in the US where Essie is sold, hopefully you folks down under are still seeing them around you as well. (note from Jae: Aussie's can find Essie in Priceline and selected pharmacies, or eBay) I hesitated to pick them up for quite a while, but and am really glad I finally purchased them. Let's get onto the swatches yeah?? 

Hors d'oeuvres is a platinum and gold metallic shimmer mixed with silver hex glitter pieces in various sizes. This is a shade you could layer easily over an opaque color for a different effect, but I was surprised at how easy it was to get full coverage on its own. This is two easy coats. Technically you can still kinda see through to the nail, but it's so blingy that you can't really tell in person. You'll want a thick topcoat to achieve a smooth finish for both of these. 

On A Silver Platter has a golden metallic shimmer base filled with blingy blue hex glitters. I was on the fence about this even when I was walking to my car from purchasing it. But once I had it on I was really pleased with the look. Same formula as Hors d'oeuvres, two coats for full opacity. This one is layerable as well, but I think it stands on its own really well. 

So there you have it, two similar silver glittery shades. They are sisters, not twins, but not cousins either if you know what I mean. Which one is your favorite? Do you rock glittery shades like this on the regular or would you prefer this type of polish for a special event? I admit I don't wear full coverage glitters as often as I do other finishes, but they are fun to slip in the mix every few manis! I bought these shades from my local CVS drugstore for around $8.50 each. Thanks again Jae, hope your vacation is awesome!

❤ Kellie

Woo, thanks for bringing some mega sparkle! Flawless as ever! Thank you so much for taking the time to guest post for me and I can't wait to talk all about the Drag Race finale with you and Ems when I'm back!

You can keep up to date with Kellie at KellieGonzo, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

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