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Guest Post: Distressed Water Marble by Emiline of Nail Polish Society

Hi lovelies!

I have the wonderful Emiline from Nail Polish Society taking over today, and she's done something really unique for you! I know Em through a great group of bloggers I link up with each month for Paint All The Nails challenges, and I'm so glad I discovered her corner of the internet through that group - her nail art and swatches are always on point! Are you excited to see more? I know I am!

Hi everyone! My name is Emiline and I am the woman behind the blog Nail Polish Society. Jae asked if I would like to do a guest post for her while she's off on holiday, and because she's such a doll I said yes! In return she is gifting me a bottle of polish from every country she visits (nudge nude, wink wink). Okay all kidding aside, I am thrilled to be here and I hope you lovely readers enjoy my post!

It took me a while to decide on a manicure to feature, but as soon as I finished this look I knew it was the one! Maybe it's because of my recreation (here) of one of Jae's manis that was also a neon water marble. My take on this one is what I call a "distressed water marble". I've done this look before (here and here), though this time I used a different technique. Instead of spraying alcohol over the water marble to make it break apart, I actually just let it sit and separate on its own. Not all water marbles will do this on their own, but something about these polishes didn't want to stick together. I thought it looked really cool and put it aside for later. Believe it or not, I let it sit for six whole days before I finally got around to using it! I was pretty shocked that the polish was still usable after all that time. It was kismet.

After I painted on my white base color, I cut up the water marble decal into pieces and placed them on each nail. Using small scissors I cut the edges down to fit. Then I really shaped them to the nail using a brush dipped in acetone. I smoothed it all down with a couple coats of glossy top coat. I knew this mani would really rock a matte look too, so the second and third photo are shown with the matte top coat over it.

What I used: 
Ginger + Liz Bitch Fit - neon pink
Ginger + Liz Control Freak - neon melon
KBShimmer Eyes White Open - white
Seche Vite top coat
Essie Matte About You top coat

What do you think of the distressed look? I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did! Thanks Jae for having me! I can't wait to see all the nail polish you bring back from Europe ;)

 xx Emiline xx

Aww yeah! How great was this?! Thank you so much for taking the time to do a flippin' water marble for me, I am super excited to try this distressed look myself one day! I'll see what I can pick up for you on the road ;)

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