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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 8 - Wizards of Drag Nail Art

Hey girl hey!

Well this was a fun week! The library was opened (because reading is what?) and we were treated to a rare-for-this-season mini challenge. I can't say I even cracked a smile for some of the queens' reads, but Bob and Kim Chi went straight for the shade came out on top with their wit and Nicole Paige Brooks references.

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This week's main challenge was a visit to the Emerald City, with the queens being teamed up with a the ladies of Little Women LA who I guess are reality TV stars (ffs, America, how many reality shows do you need?). It was an amazing choice for this season's 'drag family' challenge because the ladies were all fabulous and SO into it.
There was some serious fashion fails on the runway this week. My girl Chi Chi was a mess - how do you not even think to wear red shoes as Dorothy? Derrick's "giant horse penis" shoulder pieces were a disaster, and honestly, what was Robbie even thinking?

Luckily three queens totally brought it, but I guess they all had too many of those poppy seeds because what the heck was that bizarre dream sequence performance? I'm still processing what I saw!

Kim Chi

This was not one of my favourite Kim Chi looks but it was easily the most nail art-able. It felt a little too Laila with those striped over the knee socks, but I loved from the neck up!

I went for some basic black and white stripes and added a cluster of nail art studs to match her flashy necklace. I don't often go for a studded look but I really like the cute random cluster style.

Products Used

Pretty SeriousPresence
Pretty SeriousAbsence
Born Pretty StoreNail art studs

Naomi Smalls

YAS KWEEN! Naomi finally ditched the lingerie and gave us sickening high fashion scarecrow and I was living for every last fibre. Well deserved win this week, even if her competition was lacking.

I'm not super pleased with what I did here. I should have alternated nails because this is just too much going on and it doesn't work. Matte top coat kind of saved it because glossy was a hot mess.

Products Used

Pretty SeriousPresence
Celestial CosmeticsPictor
Emily de MollyMedium Blue
Emily de MollyBright Blue
Pretty SeriousMatte All The Things
MoYouHipster 05
MehronLiquid Latex^
Clear Jelly/Squishy Stamper^

Thorgy Thor

I adored Thorgy's outfit this week, it was beautifully constructed and made a great impact. Shame about the hair. And those glasses. Eww. The thing that annoyed me most about the glasses was the fabulous jewelled eye makeup hidden underneath them! Show those eyes!

True story - I've never done 'mermaid scale' nail art before! I don't have a stamping plate with the pattern and I'm always hesitant to use vinyls but I was pretty pleased with the result. Sideways of course, to match the outfit.

Products Used

Pretty SeriousAbsence
Powder PerfectLate at Night
Lou it YourselfScale Vinyls
MehronLiquid Latex

So we say goodbye to the darling Robbie Turn(t)er after her second LSFYL. She really didn't stand a chance against Britney, though up until Derrick started doing backflips they were essentially doing the exact same thing. I'm definitely gonna miss Robbie's shady talking head commentary.

Who was your favourite queen this week? 

I'm going with Naomi - I feel like she took the judges critiques from last week and really went for it this week. I was gagging when she hit the runway and thrilled when she won.

Before we go, time for some real talkTM. Derrick needs to go. I'm seriously reaching a point where I just want to shout into the void where Derrick's soul should be. Hell, even Ru slipped calling him Britney this week, because that is all he can bring. And it's boring. Bye girl bye.

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