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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 8 - Supermodel Snatch Game Nail Art

Hello my lovelies!
It's a very late one this week, but hey, I made it before episode 6!

So, it was finally time for Snatch Game! Who doesn't like Snatch Game? Oh, right, of course, Acid Betty doesn't like Snatch Game. Well, after this year's dismal attempt I'm probably in her corner. I mean... Derrick as Britney was boring, Acid's Nancy Grace was just Acid in different drag, and Kim Chi's 'Kimmy Jong Un' was at best bland and at worst seriously offensive.

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Thank heck Bob's Uzo Aduba was utter perfection and Chi Chi turned out a sensational and hilarious Eartha Kitt. They really saved the day this week!

Later on the runway it should have been a week to remember with the ever iconic Madonna serving as the inspiration, yet somehow half the queens had the same idea and turned it into kimono week. Did they not even have a backup plan?

While I was tempted to paint my nails red and post them three times, I found some inspiration from something other than the kimono parade - check it out!

Kim Chi

Kim Chi always delivers on the runway, and though this week was maybe her least interesting look of the season, it was my favourite of the kimonos by a mile.

It also helps that I had the perfect stamping plate with some gorgeous cranes to use!

Products Used

Kester BlackCoral Me Maybe^
Emily de MollyWhite stamping polish
Hehe#048 stamping plate*

Robbie Turn(t)er

I loved that Robbie went outside the box and picked A League of Their Own Madonna - the little baseball dress was super cute and I loved her whole runway this week.

It wasn't until a friend pointed it out that I was able to put my finger on it, but the only thing that bothered me was the the face was still too Robbie, and nowhere near Madonna. Other than that, cute as hell.

Products Used

Grace-full Nail PolishEmma
Pretty SeriousPresence
Ulta3Sizzling Red

Carson Kressley

Carson Kressley's Jacket! It sounds like something you'd say when something catches you by surprise. But truly, how fabulous!

I didn't even notice how fantastic it was until my friend showed me this pic from Carson's Instagram, and from that moment I knew it had to be nail art. Thanks Emily!

Products Used

Pretty SeriousPresence
Powder PerfectIlluminate
Powder PerfectCharlemagne
Powder PerfectFlora
Ulta3Marine Blue
Ulta3Seeing Red
Pretty SeriousMatte All The Things

Who was your favourite queen this week? 

MVP goes to Bob again, for owning Snatch Game and wearing the hell out of the most original look of the night, 2013 GLAAD Awards Madonna. I'll give Acid Betty some props too for wearing a fake ass pregnant belly with birds flying out of her and still looking better than half the other girls.

Bye Bye Betty! I gagged for your aesthetic, I hated your ultra bitchiness, but I loved that you owned your style, personality and mistakes. Definitely a queen to remember.

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