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Guest Post: RuPaul's Drag Race Season 8 - Book Ball Nail Art by Very Emily

Hi lovelies!

I'm super mega excited today, because not only do we have an amazing post full of Drag Race nail art, it's done by one of my favourite bloggers (and favourite people in general) out there, the wonderful Emily of Very Emily! We've bonded over many things, including a love of RuPaul's Drag Race, which has led to this phenomenal guest post today! Prepare yourselves, because this is gonna get incredible!

Hi everyone! I'm so honoured to be here on Jae's blog today! I'm Emily aka Very Emily. Jae and I got to know each other recently through our mutual friend Christine from Serenity Nails. We quickly hit it off, especially after sharing our love for RuPaul's Drag Race. Jae, Kellie from Kellie Gonzo and myself are in a group chat on Facebook where we discuss each episode. I look forward to those chats so much every week as Drag Race is my favourite reality show of all time. I get so excited and happy while watching it and it's even more fun that I get to share my excitement with Jae and Kellie! This season has been hands down my favourite so far, I even called it before the season started that this would be the best season of all time and I completely stand by that statement. The skill level has been through the roof this year! YASSSS!

 This week's episode was called Book Ball and the remaining five girls were challenged to create not one but three looks for the main challenge. We also saw the return of the puppets "cause everybody loves puppets!".  For my nail looks looks I picked my inspiration from the main challenge. I actually ended up doing three looks inspired by my absolute favourite contestant, Kim Chi. She's been my favourite from before the show even started and I am SO thrilled to see her doing so well. To quote my boyfriend (who on occasion finds himself in the same room as me when I am watching the show and can't help but be entertained) "the other contestants do drag and Kim Chi does art". Not only is she truly an artist, I can totally relate to her love for food, struggles with insecurities, and her humour. She better go home with the crown! This post is basically an homage to Kim Chi so sit back and let's get this book ball rolling!

Guest Post: Geometric Stamping by Deborah of Love Varnish

Hi lovelies!

I'm very excited to have the amazingly talented Deborah from Love Varnish as my very first guest poster here today! Deborah never fails to impress me with her gorgeous stamped looks and her nails are nothing short of perfection. Though she's currently taking a well deserved blog break, she still made some time to create this utterly stunning nail art for you to swoon over. Prepare to be wowed!

I'm on holiday!

Hi lovelies!

image via gratisography.com

Yup, I'm off on the trip of a lifetime! But that doesn't mean things will be quiet here - I've been able to call in some favours from some excellent up and coming Australian bloggers and Instagrammers as well as a boatload of fabulous talent from all around the world! Lucky, huh!

The fun starts tomorrow and you'll see me again in June... assuming I come home!

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 8 - Shady Politics Nail Art

Hey squirrel friends!
Competition is getting fierce hennies! The queens campaigned to become the first drag president of the United States and Derrick grew a personality, who knew? I actually loved watching him work with Bob, turning their mutual dislike of each other into the best advertising challenge clip maybe ever. Yes, Bob again slayed the competition top and bottom, but I think the star of this week's episode was Michelle's amazing rack. I barely noticed anything else tbh.

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Before we move on, I am incredibly sad to say that this is my last week of Drag Race nail art! I'm heading on a European adventure for 6 weeks, and ain't no way I am keeping this up away from home. Luckily I have an amazing friend stepping in for a special guest post while I'm away to give you one more fix - I'll let you know who at the end of the post ;)

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 8 - Wizards of Drag Nail Art

Hey girl hey!

Well this was a fun week! The library was opened (because reading is what?) and we were treated to a rare-for-this-season mini challenge. I can't say I even cracked a smile for some of the queens' reads, but Bob and Kim Chi went straight for the shade came out on top with their wit and Nicole Paige Brooks references.

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This week's main challenge was a visit to the Emerald City, with the queens being teamed up with a the ladies of Little Women LA who I guess are reality TV stars (ffs, America, how many reality shows do you need?). It was an amazing choice for this season's 'drag family' challenge because the ladies were all fabulous and SO into it.

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Kids TV ft Lumpy Space Princess!

OH MY GLOB it's the many faces of Lumpy Space Princess!

I've been a little absent from blogging this week but whipped up something quick for this fortnight's 40GNAI post, because I do love me some Kid's TV!

Adventure Time Lumpy Space Princess Nail Art

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 8 - Supermodel Snatch Game Nail Art

Hello my lovelies!
It's a very late one this week, but hey, I made it before episode 6!

So, it was finally time for Snatch Game! Who doesn't like Snatch Game? Oh, right, of course, Acid Betty doesn't like Snatch Game. Well, after this year's dismal attempt I'm probably in her corner. I mean... Derrick as Britney was boring, Acid's Nancy Grace was just Acid in different drag, and Kim Chi's 'Kimmy Jong Un' was at best bland and at worst seriously offensive.

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Exploded Chevron Nail Art

Hi lovelies!

I have some quickie nail art to share today, a simple set I adored and wore for several days - a rarity here! I had an idea stuck in my head about an abstract kind of chevron french tip, so I sat down with some polish and vinyls and ended up with this bold and mountainous look.

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 8 - New Wave Queens Nail Art

Hey Kitty Girls!

This season keeps getting better and better! I was already gagging for this episode, because HELLO! Blondie! Also I can't get enough of Lucian, especially now that he's gone full on salt and pepper librarian dad. 

The episode felt super short, right? I could have watched Lucian and Chris Stein read those queens all day. Chris Stein calling out Chi Chi for wearing the same shoes in the challenge and on the runway makes him my MVP of the week, plus, like... everything Lucian said to Derrick in the rehearsal was hilarious, recapped in gif form thanks to Out's amazing gif-cap of the episode.

gif via out.com
Give it up for Robbie Turner, who knew there was a punk rock queen hiding under all that 40's housewife? Les Chicken Wing, please reform post-Drag Race and tour, k? 

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