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Stamping with Hehe 056 - Nail Art + Review!

Hi lovelies!

Back with another excellent plate from Aiyoohehe (aka. hēhē), I've done a bunch of fun bright nail art with one of the plates from the Festival Collection!

My sleuthing leads me to believe this plate was inspired by the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, but the beauty of this plate (peep it here) is the designs that accompany the dragon boat centrepiece, which are totally multi-purpose.

The bottom third of the plate has this gorgeous swirly image, reminiscent of a traditional Chinese painting of water and waves. It's a nice wide image but not so deep - I could easily fit the shallow image on my nails, though you could easily rotate to fit on longer nails.

Because I had the width to my advantage I used my Messy Mansion carbon stamper which allowed me to do two nails from one pick up! Super convenient! I didn't have any trouble with this image, it picked up easily and transferred well.

Polish Used

Black Cat LacquerShe's in Parties
Ulta3Black Satin

The mid section of the plate is the big hint towards the inspiration - a dragon's head and tail either side of some cuties with oars. Honestly I don't know what I was even thinking with the colour scheme here, but let's just look at how awesomely detailed the dragon's head is, and how ridiculously cute those little rowers are instead!

I used my clear jelly stamper for this and had some issues picking up the images - I blame that more on the stamper though as it's a cheapie and definitely not a fail-safe option. Regardless, I managed to get the images onto my nail after a couple of attempts and was wowed by how crisp the lines were! 

Polish Used

Emily de MollyMedium Blue stamping polish
Hit the Bottle Looking for Mr Grey
Hit the BottleTo Have and To Gold

Finally, the one I HAD to do for a laugh - Doritos and Salsa anyone?

I honestly could not look at the little triangles and not think of corn chips. So I made a glitter salsa, stamped on some chips and had a delicious and hilarious set of nails for the night. I even wore them outta the house!

Funnily enough, I discovered what appears to be the real inspiration for these little triangles in my google sleuthing - and it's also a food! Zongzi is the traditional food of the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival is a wrapped pyramid shaped sticky rice dumpling. Nom!

Polish Used

Ulta3Sizzling Red
Emily de MollyRuby Soho
Celestial CosmeticsBlarney Blush
Nail Stamping QueenOrange

hēhē plates are available at aiyoohehe.com - the only authorised retailer of these plates.

Believe it or not, fakes and resellers are around, and given the great price and service from aiyoohehe, there's no reason to try a copycat.

To stay up to date with all things hēhē, all the links are below!

*Products in this post were provided as press samples, which in no way affected my opinion of the product. Please refer to my Disclosure page for more information

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