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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 8 - RuCo's Empire Nail Art


Holy flippin heck this week disappeared, I swear I only watched Drag Race yesterday yet here we are and it's Easter already. I feel like I'm gonna become a broken record, but this season is off the charts good. Every week I find a new favourite and every week I fall more in love with Kim Chi, Bob and Chi Chi. I guess I'm #teambobchi.

I wasn't so thrilled by Naysha coming back until I saw how she handled falling down on the runway and she was pretty hilarious in Untucked, so I'm happy for her to stay a little longer.

Can we talk about how much Bob owned RuCo's Empire? Because hell, if this girl isn't a superstar before the season is out then I call shenanigans. She owned that challenge from the hilari-sexy entrance to the cold bitter end.

This week's runway was a mixture of terrible horrible messes *cough*Cynthia*cough*, amazing fantasy fashion from Derrick and Kim Chi and perfect roller girl chic from Thorgy and Robbie.

Major, major props to all the girls for rollerskating down the runway, I would have been poor Naysha and flat on my ass within 3 seconds. Then Robbie turned it out in that lip sync, the flying backwards leap off the stage should have looked desperate but she owned it so hard.

Bob the Drag Queen

Bob is EVERYTHING. Boy Bob is cute AF, and Bob the Drag Queen can make anything look fabulous. Her sequin nude illusion look for the main challenge was perfection and the robot rollerskater runway gave me life!

I loved the platinum blonde wig and yellow belt/headband accents, though I stuck to the silver and black robo fantasy for my nail art.

Products Used

EssieNo Place Like Chrome
Ulta3Black Satin
MoYouSciFi 05

Thorgy Thor

Thorgy is such a sweetheart, I love her attitude and her positivity is all kinds of infectious. Her use of colour is always inspiring and I adore this 80's Sweet Sixteen at the Roller Rink look.

I was immediately drawn to those shorts with the pink and blue bursts down the thigh and set about to make some decals on my silicon mat.

Products Used

Grace-full Nail PolishEye Poppin'
Grace-full Nail PolishJudith
Pretty SeriousSugar Cakes

Michelle Visage

Mixing it up this week with Ru's best gal pal Michelle! My friend Emily suggested to do a Michelle inspired "gold glitter fantasy" this week and I even had the perfect yellow gold glitter to match those blinding lips!

I went for simple ruffian because all I could think about besides those lips were her perfectly arched brows!

Products Used

Pretty SeriousAbsence
Mckfresh Nail AttireRa Ra Ra!

Who was your favourite queen this week? If it wasn't already obvious - Bob the Drag Queen, duh! Naomi impressed me again this week too! I am so relieved to see Cynthia go home, I don't think I could have handled hearing about her cucu one more time without flipping a table.

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