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Ru Paul's Drag Race Season 8 - B*tch Perfect Nail Art

Oh hey hennys!

So we can all agree B*tch Perfect was the greatest group challenge/performance so far, yes?! This was actually me the whole time:

I mean, Shady Bitches totally slayed the competition thanks to Chi Chi being a total badass and Naomi looking like she was put on this earth to be in a 90's rap video, but the whole performance was freaking amazing. Also LUCIAN YAS GAWD.

But then Laila v Dax... I'm sure just about everyone was watching that sorry ass lipsync half expecting them both to go home, yes? How on earth are you meant to perform I Will Survive in a gown? Totally wrong vibe.

Anyway you guys, NAIL ART.

It's gonna be hard to not pick Acid Betty and Kim Chi every week - Betty's runway was one of the only ones I liked this week, that headpiece was everything. Everyone else was somewhere between awful and fine... gowns are kind of boring. Thank you Thorgy for bringing it in a sequinned jumpsuit though and working. it. out. on the runway. Fabulous.

Derrick Barry 

So far I've been pretty bored by Derrick - I feel like there hasn't been an opportunity yet to really Britney it up, and I'm not convinced he has much range outside of being an impersonator. I could be wrong!

This week's runway look was trashy mesh sequin - I felt like the whole look was more Willam than Britney. But Sequins > Glitter > Nail Art, so...

Polish Used

Grace-full Nail PolishI'm No Lady
Mckfresh Nail AttireHeart

Naomi Smalls

Naomi is ridiiiiculously good looking. Like, so stupidly stunning I can't even handle it. Those legs never end - which isn't so pretty at the toe end hanging out of every pair of shoes - but daaaaamn gurl.

I obviously love geometric nail art so her gorgeous flowing cutout dress served as perfect inspiration for something minimalist.

Products Used

China GlazeStreet Chic
Ulta3Black Satin
MoYou LondonHoly Shapes 01

Ru Paul

Of course, we finish with the legendary Ru, who never fails to bring a bit of glamazon to the runway.

This was one hell of an effort to get onto my nails but I think I got something that resembles her gorgeous glitzy gown. It was a lot of decals, chopping and changing placement and a lot of top coat to try and smooth it all out!

Products Used

Powder PerfectPieces of Eight
Powder PerfectAbandon Ship
Hit the BottleCopper Haired Girl
Ulta3Black Satin
Born Pretty StoreBP-L015 Stamping Plate

Who was your favourite queen this week? My money was on Chi Chi, girl turned it out! Who do you think Ru called at the end of the episode??? We'll find out soon!!

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