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40 Great Nail Ideas - Spring

Hi lovelies!

Spring is in the air everywhere but here in the Southern hemisphere, where we're finally getting some kind of relief from our scorching summer! Makes it hard to be excited about spring, ya know?

But never fear, I am a professional (HAH!) and started thinking of colours and flowers and new life and all that spring brings and thought the fantastically feminine Kim + Jessie from Black Cat Lacquer was the perfect way to start.

But for real, I cannot even explain how much trouble I had stamping this. I tried to use what I'm gonna call a faulty plate at first (it didn't work with 3 stampers) and it transferred to the liquid latex around my skin, but not the nails. Then I had so much buildup I removed the liquid latex and forgot to reapply before stamping again using a different plate (see, totally a professional...) meaning I had a hell of a cleanup to do.

I think the stamping polish I used - Emily de Molly Lime - wasn't so great either, which surprised me because EdM Medium Blue is one of the best stamping polishes I own. I also used plate EDM10, which I've used before with no issues.

I'll think you'll find a whole pile of nicer spring nails in the links below. Actually, I know for a fact you will because I've seen most of them and they're gorgeous!

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