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Paint All The Nails presents Pastel Geometric!

Hey lovelies!
Pop the champagne, it's Paint All The Nails time!

You might know by now, but every month me and some fabulous blogger pals linkup with a group voted theme - it's always so much fun to see how differently we all interpret the theme! I was pretty excited by the choice this month because geometric is totally my jam!

HPB Presents: Spring!

Hi lovelies!
Another day, another Spring linkup! I hope I redeem myself today, I wasn't so into my last attemped at spring nail art :P

I was inspired by an actual polish this time around - Femme Fatale Cosmetics Morning Glory, which reminded me of the first rays of sunlight on those gorgeous cool and dewy spring mornings. 

Spring Nail Art | Femme Fatale Cosmetics - Morning Glory

40 Great Nail Ideas - Spring

Hi lovelies!

Spring is in the air everywhere but here in the Southern hemisphere, where we're finally getting some kind of relief from our scorching summer! Makes it hard to be excited about spring, ya know?

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 8 - RuCo's Empire Nail Art


Holy flippin heck this week disappeared, I swear I only watched Drag Race yesterday yet here we are and it's Easter already. I feel like I'm gonna become a broken record, but this season is off the charts good. Every week I find a new favourite and every week I fall more in love with Kim Chi, Bob and Chi Chi. I guess I'm #teambobchi.

I wasn't so thrilled by Naysha coming back until I saw how she handled falling down on the runway and she was pretty hilarious in Untucked, so I'm happy for her to stay a little longer.

Can we talk about how much Bob owned RuCo's Empire? Because hell, if this girl isn't a superstar before the season is out then I call shenanigans. She owned that challenge from the hilari-sexy entrance to the cold bitter end.

Ru Paul's Drag Race Season 8 - B*tch Perfect Nail Art

Oh hey hennys!

So we can all agree B*tch Perfect was the greatest group challenge/performance so far, yes?! This was actually me the whole time:

I mean, Shady Bitches totally slayed the competition thanks to Chi Chi being a total badass and Naomi looking like she was put on this earth to be in a 90's rap video, but the whole performance was freaking amazing. Also LUCIAN YAS GAWD.

But then Laila v Dax... I'm sure just about everyone was watching that sorry ass lipsync half expecting them both to go home, yes? How on earth are you meant to perform I Will Survive in a gown? Totally wrong vibe.

Anyway you guys, NAIL ART.

Lucky St Patrick's Day Nail Art!

Hi lovelies!

I'll be honest - my liver can't handle St Patrick's Day anymore. I definitely partied myself out in my twenties but now there's no more gallons of beer and silly hats for me, thankyouverymuch. 

I can still nail art though! 

St Patrick's Day - Four Leaf Clover Nail Art

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Food

Hi lovelies!

I'm officially back on board after kind of missing last fortnight's fashion prompt (though I later got fashion inspired anyway)! Lightning fast post from me today, let's get straight into it!

Ru Paul's Drag Race Season 8 - Keeping it 100 Nail Art

Drag Race is BAAACKKKKK!!!


This year, I'm taking some inspiration from the queens and doing some Drag Race catwalk inspired nail art every week until I disappear overseas in 6 weeks.

This is going to be SICKENING!

Stamping with Hehe 056 - Nail Art + Review!

Hi lovelies!

Back with another excellent plate from Aiyoohehe (aka. hēhē), I've done a bunch of fun bright nail art with one of the plates from the Festival Collection!

ModCloth Spring Fashion Inspired Nail Art

Hi lovelies!

You might have noticed I missed last week's fashion nail art post for the 40 Great Nail Art Ideas challenge, life just got on top of me! But I'm back with some nail art inspired by ModCloth's latest romantic road trip looks for Spring.

Even though Summer is only just over here in Australia I've got a big trip planned for April/May and will be soaking up the gorgeous European spring very soon! These two pieces both look like holiday must haves - a roomy bag for carrying all the necessities and a versatile tunic for a casual day trip outfit.

Results May Carry Bag Medium Format Memory Tunic in Yellow Dots