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You Can't Have This - Lilypad Lacquer 'Vanellope'

Hi lovelies!

Time again to pull out one of my super special polishes and give it some blog love! This time it didn't come from the untried drawer, it's just one of my absolute all time most loved polishes, and... it's even a holo!

My beloved Vanellope from Lilypad Lacquer is gettin' buried with me, #sorrynotsorry, but...

Vanellope came to me several years ago - August 2013! - as part of the Wreck it Ralph themed What's In-die Box. I think it was the second or third ever What's In-die Box, back when the bottles were numbered making every polish feel that extra bit special. As you can see, mine is 43 of 45. Yup, only 45 bottles of this are out there!

The cool crisp mint/seafoam green has a killer linear holo that doesn't overwhelm the delicate colour, and I don't know whether it's my eyes or a product of the super rainbows but I swear I see ripples of a mauve shimmer in there.

It's a little thinner than I like my formulas, but it applies like a dream and is opaque in three coats. 

A little while back I sold a few of my WIDB Lilypads because I needed the money, but I never considered letting this one go, even for a second. It's just too beautiful. A lot of my love may just be nostalgia (and my green obsession), but you can't deny it's a gorgeous polish.

Finally, for funsies, here's my original swatch from 2013!

Are you burning with envy, or is it not your style? Or are you one of the remaining 44?! Let me know in the comments!

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