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HPB Presents - First Indie Brand | Emily de Molly

Hi lovelies!

I'm joining the Hobby Polish Bloggers linkup this month to show off a new Limited Edition (plus some nail art!) from the first indie brand I ever purchased from - Emily de Molly! Technically, I had two firsts because I ordered from both on the same day - Emily de Molly and Alanna Renee, who sadly seems have to disappeared.

As much as I would have loved to re-swatch something from Alanna Renee, I have too many untrieds as it is and I was itching to bust out this gorgeous red! This is LE28 (catchy name, yes?) from a recent run of limited edition samples and one offs. 

This one is now sold out on the Australian site but it looks like it's still available on the US site! I would highly recommend snapping it up if you like reds because this one is stunning! 

It's a fully loaded red shimmer packed with tiny flakies and copper microglitter. It's almost a one coater, but I did two just to be sure there was no VNL in photos. Plus, a little more shimmer and flakies never hurt anyone, right? 

Of course I couldn't stop at just a swatch when there are also so many gorgeous EdM stamping plates to choose from, so I added some accents with plate EDM01 and some tiny narrow triangle studs that I don't think they stock anymore.

Now, because I love and trust you guys, here is my first ever photographed nail polish swatch from April 2013 with Emily de Molly Inevitable. This photo makes me seriously cringe!!!

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