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Glittering Elements February releases

Hi again!

As promised, part two of the February releases from Glittering Elements, presented here to feast your eyeballs upon! You can see part one, the Valentine's Day trio + special LE here.

You ready?


I love a crisp clean white! I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I can't get enough. Angel Wing Dust is like crisp fallen snow, icy cool and softly sparkling. There's a camera shy blue and pink shimmer that is utterly ethereal.

I needed three coats for complete opacity, and despite the loads of shimmer in there I didn't experience any balding or patchiness. I did find this was a little slower drying, so make sure you use a quick dry top coat.


Well fuck me sideways, this one sneaked up on me with amazingness! I had only just had a whinge about the amount of purple holos out there in polish land when I swatched this and while I don't entirely take back those comments, Demonic Beauty is another level of awesome. Yes, it's a purple holo. But it's a red leaning purple with an electric blue duochrome shift that will knock you out.

The only notes I took on the formula were "Fucking awesome", so I'm gonna go ahead and say it's a pretty stellar formula. It was an easy two coats, and look at that depth of colour! Schwing!


Hnnnggg! Check that shimmer! This silky cobalt blue is loaded with pink shimmer and it ain't shy about it. Now you may be thinking "oh this is just like ILNP Super Juiced", but you are wrong. Wrong! Icy Huntress is a few clicks more vibrant and doesn't have the white tint that gives Super Juiced the crelly edge. This has one of the most unique finishes I've seen - it's jelly without being ultra squishy, and it has an amazing translucent quality, like the ghost of an 80's backup dancer.

While I found the formula to be stunning, it was very sheer  my swatches are four coats. Casey was totally not happy with that, and she's tweaked the final batch so it can achieve opacity in 2-3 coats without altering the colour or finish.


*low whistle* helllooooo Lone Wolf! This creamy dolphin grey has a hint of taupe and is packed with vivid blue and gold sparks. Also for you holo lovers, a dash of that for good measure. I am majorly in love with this colour!

This one has a rich and buttery formula and only needs two coats for a perfect finish. It dries down beautifully smooth with a slightly satin finish, but I always top coat that ish anyway.


Can you spot the treasure? There's secret gems hidden among the luscious creamy denim blue holo - teensy tiny multichrome flakies! I love how subtle the little flecks are, it lets the gorgeous colour stand out all on it's own while you get a little bonus secret to peep when you admire your own nails!

I loved the formula of this, smooth and beautifully pigmented and opaque in two coats. It does dry a little dull, but again, top coat solves all those issues. 


Last of all is the dreamy ocean blue Sea of Mystery. My photography skills (I'm reluctant to call them skills, but I guess I just did) are not up to scratch when it comes to holos, but this has a quite lovely linear holo as well as that trademark Glittering Elements shimmer.

I was a little concerned on the first coat thinking it would be thin and streaky, but the second coat somehow magic-ed everything into beautiful opaque heavenly blue. Yay!

That's a wrap!

Glittering Elements open at 12pm AEDT, Friday 12th February with 10 new shades and discounts on many older colours! 

Demonic Beauty
Icy Huntress
Lone Wolf

*Products in this post were provided as press samples, which in no way affected my opinion of the product. Please refer to my Disclosure page for more information

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